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What to Pack for a Road Trip: British Columbia to Baja California

One of the best ways to explore North America is to embark on an adventurous road trip. Read these tips to help you plan what to pack for a road trip on the West Coast!   What to Pack for a Road Trip Written by: Jennifer Forlin   When you and three of your...

What to Wear in San Francisco: 6 Summer Essentials

Wondering what to wear in San Francisco in summer? Plan for the unexpected: don’t forget to pack these six essentials!   What to Wear in San Francisco Written By: Annie Jarvis   When I took a trip to the West Coast of the U.S., San Francisco was one of...

What to Wear in Utah: National Parks in Summer

Traveling to Utah this summer? Find out what to wear in Utah when visiting their incredible national parks including Zion, Arches, Bryce, and Canyonlands!   What to Wear in Utah: Summer  Written by: Niki Landry   The U.S. National Parks are in the midst of...

Best Travel Shoes of All Time: Our Readers Swear by these 40 Brands

To help us better understand what you love wearing on your adventures, we asked you to vote on what were your favorite shoes and why. The results are in! Below is a list of the forty best travel shoes as chosen by TFG’s readers. Find out what they are, why they...

Vacation Shoes for Summer: Follow the 3-Shoe Rule with these 5 Sets

Wondering what shoes to pack when the temperatures are sky high? To help you choose, we’ve created five sets following the three-shoe rule. Take a look at our round up of vacation shoes for summer!   Vacation Shoes for Summer Written by: Niki Landry  ...

Womens Waterproof Leather Boots for the Autumn Rain and Winter Snow

We asked TFG readers for their favorite rain and snow shoes and they voted – find out what they chose as the best womens waterproof leather boots!   Womens Waterproof Leather Boots Written By: Annie Jarvis   Whether you’re going on an outdoor hiking...

How to Choose Hiking Boots plus 5 Styles Everyone Raves About

If you’re going on a big adventure and exploring the outdoors it’s important that you have the right footwear. Wearing uncomfortable hiking shoes can ruin your trip. Find out how to choose hiking boots and the five styles TFG readers voted as their...

11 Beach Sandals for Hot Weather Vacations

Traveling to a hot weather destination? Take a look at the eleven beach sandals our readers rave about – you can also use some of them for trips away from the sea, too!   Beach Sandals Written By: Annie Jarvis   When going on a hot weather vacation...

13 Comfortable Walking Sandals that Don’t Sacrifice Style

It’s 2016 and comfort continues to dominate footwear. Check out our round-up up thirteen comfortable walking sandals that don’t sacrifice style!   Comfortable Walking Sandals     ➊ Arche   Arche Satia Sandal   The Satia Sandal is a...

Flying with a Baby: Long Haul Flight Hacks and Essentials

Flying with a baby? Don’t stress! We have some awesome tips from a jetsetting mom. Find out flight secrets, airport hacks, and your must-have essentials!   Flying with a Baby: Hacks and Essentials Written by: Emily Souza Rutkowski   Planning for a long...

Europe Travel Checklist: Are these 9 Essentials on Your List?

Planning your Europe travel checklist? We have nine unexpected essentials you may have forgotten. Keep reading to make sure they’re on your list!   Europe Travel Checklist: 9 Essentials by Rachel Jones   I love everything about Europe. I love the...

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