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Cold Weather Layering: Why Thicker Isn’t Always Better

The more I travel, the more I become a careful shopper. I’m always thinking about weight and versatility with each piece I decide to add to my wardrobe. My closet works overtime because in addition to career and everyday wear, I need it to travel well. I have the...

What to Wear in Nicaragua: Essential Clothing for Every Activity

This exciting Central American country is gaining steam as a top tourist destination. Soon it will be on everyone’s radar similar to Costa Rica, but for now you can enjoy some of the perks before it becomes overwhelmed with travelers. If you are already set to visit...

8 Things You Must Know About What To Pack For Myanmar

More and more travelers are headed to Myanmar (Burma), and the country is steadily adjusting to this influx of people. Although it’s not the easiest country to travel around, it’s definitely getting better. In order to make the most of your time in this intriguing...

How to Pack and Safely Transport Souvenirs

Bringing home a memento to remember your trip is a very important part of your travel experience. Like photographs they hold special memories, and are little reminders of the places you’ve been. Unlike pulling the trigger on that handmade umbrella in Myanmar,...

Ski Clothes for Kids: Fantastic Packing Tips for First-time Skiers

Buying ski clothes for kids and packing properly for a family vacation is a challenge. You want to ensure that your children will stay warm in winter. A comfortable day on the ski hill offers the possibility that kids might be eager to return for additional days of...

The A – Z Of What To Bring On A Ski Trip

Ski resorts are normally low-key, so packing for a ski trip is different from other vacations. Find out what to bring on a ski trip with these 5 top tips!   What to Bring on a Ski Trip Written by: Lily An Kim   ➊ Base & Outer Layers    The North...

Layering for Cold Weather: Best Winter Jackets for Outdoor Adventures

If you are interested in outdoor activities or sports when you travel this season, you will usually find yourself in search of the best winter jackets. Even more important than the jacket itself is knowing exactly how to wear them to keep you warm. Keep reading to...

What to Pack for Gold Coast and Brisbane: Beach, Sun, and Fun!

Most travelers’ first stop in Queensland is the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. It’s not hard to see why! There is so much to do here and the backpacking community is also very present here. With such a wide range of activities and nightlife packing can be a bit...

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef? Here’s What to Bring

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef is life-changing for any traveler. To make your trip as perfect as possible I’ve listed the six must-have items you need to bring. Not only are these items absolutely necessary, but I guarantee these packing tips will make your trip...

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