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Travel Fashion Girl is a one of a kind niche travel and fashion blog with over 300,000 monthly readers and over 1 million monthly visits.

With over 8 years of full time travel experience traversing through 6 continents and 41 countries, the voice behind Travel Fashion Girl is a unique resource on the web for female travelers.

With optimal online marketing strategies, blogging relationships, strong social media networks and above all, loyal readers; Travel Fashion Girl offers you the ideal promotional platform.

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A Little Background About Us

Travel Fashion Girl is a travel blog offering women travel fashion, beauty, and packing advice. It features travel clothing and outfits, packing lists, travel tips, shopping destinations around the world, interviews with other travelers, product reviews, and travel stories as related to fashion and beauty.
All articles are written by travelers using investigative skills to obtain the most accurate information through interviews, research, and personal experience offering readers quality content to help them properly plan for their travels. For further details, please visit the About page.

Our Audience

The majority of visitors are women, age 25-49, highly educated, and primarily from the United States with Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore rounding out the top 5 countries.

By maintaining a personal commitment to the readers, all social media networks experience monthly growth reinforced by an active Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest community.

Statistics As Of January 2016

  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 336,241
  • Monthly Page Views: 991,594
  • Email Subscribers: 24,000
  • Google Domain Authority: 37
  • Page Authority: 46
  • Alexa Rank: 88,898
  • Alexa Rank USA: 20.949
  • Average time on Site: 3 minutes
  • Average Page Views: 2.40

Social Media

  • Facebook fans: 28,207
  • Twitter followers: 7,925
  • Pinterest followers: 25,300
  • Instagram: 6,520
  • Google+: 431
  • Youtube Subscribers: 1,586
  • Klout score: 63

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*Please note that products and services advertised must be relevant to the blog and are not guaranteed to be approved if deemed inappropriate for the readers. Travel Fashion Girl reserves the right to express honest opinions about sponsored products and reviews.

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