When it comes to celebrity airport style, celebrities know how to create a balanced travel look combining comfort and cool. With a few essential accessories, you too can create a comfortable yet stylish travel outfit.


Celebrity Airport Style with 5 Easy to Wear Accessories




Masters at avoiding the paparazzi au natural, sunglasses provide the ideal shield from unsuspecting fans and the flashing camera lights.

Careful to avoid eye smudge faux pas or streaky blush post flight nap, sun glasses are a travel must have for a fool proof face and the ultimate in celebrity airport style.

Victoria Beckham may or may not have perfectly intact makeup underneath her sunnies but you’d never know it beneath her fierce sunglasses look.

TFG pick: Currently loving this Wayfer sunglasses style!




For travelers worldwide, jeans are considered the epitome of travel comfort.

Celebrities seem to agree and even the most high maintenance of actresses will wear jeans as an exception during flights.

Jennifer Aniston is the queen of classic casual and can even make jeans and a t-shirt look prim and polished.

TFG pick: Love denim with stretch for  easy to pack lightweight jeans. I’m a J Brand fan for comfort, style, and function!





The ultimate fashion accessory, scarves are masters of disguise and can instantly take your look from frumpy to polished.

Celebrities love oversized scarves and pashminas during air travel. As an added bonus, they don’t just provide style but they also help keep you warm when the air conditioning gets too nippy.

TFG pick: Infinity scarves like these are my top choice for a lazy girl’s guide to stylish accessories.





The best way to get through a long flight is to sleep through it but even the easiest of hair styles can’t avoid bed hair.

Celebrities avoid the messy outcome by throwing on a cute hat. Not only does it help them “conceal” their identities but it also keeps them looking travel fresh perfecting their celebrity airport style.

TFG pick: I never pack a straw fedora inside my bag because I wear it on board flights for effortless style to sunny destinations.


Oversized Purse



Armed with all the necessities for a smooth flight experience, no travel outfit is complete without the accessory that ties it all together.

A sophisticated handbag adds style and practicality to your travel wardrobe, celebrities love oversized bags to hold everything they need during a flight while still providing optimal style.

TFG pick: More practical for a vacation than long term trip, an oversize leather or (faux) leather purse not only acts as a functional carry-on but you can use it on your trip as well. Longchamp bags also makes popular purses for travel.


More Alternatives


Next time you hop on a plane, show off some celebrity airport style with these easy to wear accessories.

What are your favorite ways to spruce up your flight outfit?

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