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Travel Fashion Girl promise: we only work with companies we know you’ll love so you can rest assured, when we say we like a brand, we mean it! This is our ad guarantee to you.


In order for TravelFashionGirl.com to function and provide you, the reader, continuous and free content, we use advertising and affiliate links to third party sites in order to obtain earnings to help support the cost of operation, growth and expansion of the site.

Despite that, your trust is more important to us. We always offer our honest opinion about a product or service and provide you with items that we feel may be useful on your travels. This is clearly understood by each one of the companies / advertisers we currently work with and intend to. We make sure that we work together according to this policy that reserves us the right to refuse anyone who disagrees with it.



Beginning December 1, 2009, the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission) requires bloggers to provide disclosures whenever there could be hidden interests or unspoken biases related to recommendations. We will always disclose any material relationship, policies and business practices we have. Please see below for further details.



For the sake of simplifying the disclosure process, please assume that when you click on any and every link to a retailer or service provider within the entire TravelFashionGirl.com website, it may be linked to an affiliate third party site wherein a small commission will be earned if you purchase an item. The price you pay is not affected.

These affiliate links help cover costs to run and maintain the site and keep the content free.



If we receive a complimentary press trip, accommodation, or activity, this will be disclosed within the individual article. Our honest and personal opinions and experiences will always be shared.



Products reviewed on TravelFashionGirl.com include items that we personally have purchased, complimentary merchandise that has been provided for consideration, and paid advertisements (labeled as “advertorials”).

We accept products for review but only publish reviews for items we believe to be relevant to the TravelFashionGirl.com readers. If an item is deemed inappropriate for the TravelFashionGirl.com reader, a review is not published. Published product reviews include our honest and personal opinion for products that work for us and may also work for you.

Occasionally, guest contributors and bloggers (non-members of the TravelFashionGirl.com team) share their product reviews on the site. TravelFashionGirl.com does not claim to have tested these items and is not responsible for the opinions shared by these writers.



Products or services that have not been personally reviewed by a member of the TravelFashionGirl.com team may be shared with you in an unbiased and informative manner so that you may form your own opinion of the item. This may include products featured in “advertorials” or general editorial content within the site.

Paid editorials are disclosed within the individual article by being labeled as “advertorial”.


Please note: Products mentioned within TravelFashionGirl.com may include items we personally use, that other travelers recommend, and general editorial suggestions based on relevancy.


While we believe that providing you sources enhances your experience on TravelFashionGirl.com, we make sure to always present our honest opinions to the best of our knowledge and ability.

TravelFashionGirl.com is not responsible for any purchases made on third party sites. It is up to the buyer to research all products and services before purchasing.


If you have any questions about our disclosure policy, please contact us for more details.