Gifts for Travelers: Holiday Blogger Guides

Gifts for Travelers: Holiday Blogger Guides

Travel Fashion Girl’s put together a list of blogs with great gifts for travelers that also act as awesome travel gear guides! Over the Christmas season travel bloggers created their must have travel gift lists. I’ve compiled some of my favorites to help you get your travel gear shopping list going. If Santa didn’t bring you the right travel gifts for Christmas, use these lists to help you choose the top travel gear available.


Top Blogger Travel Gift Guides


 Gifts for Travelers from the Top Travel Blogs

  • This is the first gift guide on the list because I love all the products and they’re perfect for every trip. Check out the fun girly items on 5 Gift Ideas for High Maintenance Female Travelers from Life After Cubes.
  • If you’re a digital nomad, check out Barefoot Nomad’s Christmas Gift Ideas for the Traveler and Traveling 9 to 5’s techie favorites with their choices for Holiday Gifts for Travelers. As a new digital nomad myself, I’m adding a few of their items to my list including a wireless router and Crashplan.
  • The Points Guy offers you a great list of luxe items for travelers seeking top of the line travel products. Discover some sophisticated first class gifts with this Last Minute Gift post.
  • Travel and Leisure gives you their faves with the Best Travel Gifts Under $50. With 25 products, you’re bound to find something you’ll love at an affordable price. Love the road trip board game idea and cute luggage tags.
  • Gadling hooks you up with an affordable and unique gift guide with Travel Gifts for the last Minute Shopper. Check out the Chic Travel Gift Guide video from Beauty in the Bag towards the end. Gotta have that carry on bag!
  • If you’re a more youthfully experienced traveler, check out travel gifts for the boomer traveler by My Itchy Travel Feet. I like her “on the road” practical items and skincare products.
  • Christmas Gifts for the Traveler by Ian from Eager Existence offers a nice roundabout list for a variety of traveler personalities. Personally, I’m liking his “clothes” pick
  • Runaway Juno offers some great ideas for long term travelers with her perfect holiday gift choices. I’m for sure adding a kindle to my shopping list.
  • Shannon with A Little Adrift offers up her top eight favorite travel products. I’m all over the Lumix camera and the cool overland purse.
  • If trekking is your thing, Wanderlust and Lipstick’s last minute shopping guide offers some great options for outdoor enthusiasts including a chic hoodie and handy water purifier.
  • Wandermelon’s holiday gift guide for travelers includes foodie finds, a kickstarter gem, and a spa retreat. Original and helpful!
  • Maria from the Vegan World Trekker created this unique holiday gift guide which is 100% vegan friendly! Although I’m not a vegan, I like her choices for yummy snacks, toiletries including Lush vegan products, and travel bags.


More holiday gift guides:

If you have an awesome travel gift list on your blog or other suggestions for gifts for travelers, leave a link on the comments! Don’t forget to please share and re-tweet this post. Happy Holidays!


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  1. Nice post alex .. The Perfect Gift for Travelers.. Your all post are really appreciable.. Keep it up.. :) and thanks for sharing such a wonderful post..

    • Thanks!

  2. Oh, btw, I forgot to say that I LOVE your blog. I re post many of your lists for my students who I’ll be taking to Paris. Whoo hoo!

    • Thank you so much :-)

  3. Call me lazy…but I would have loved the ease of embedded links to these other blog lists…Just saying…

    • the links are there – you have to hover over the Holiday Guide name on each section and you can click on it

  4. Thanks for including me in your post-Christmas roundup. Maybe we have time with the sales to pick up those things for the traveller in our lives? I know I’m still waiting on all the gifts I listed in my post :)

    • Hi Ian – thank YOU for having such an awesome list! that’s why it’s time to do a little holiday shopping for ourselves ;-)

  5. Loved some of these other recommendations and I have started an “I want that too” list for next Chrsitmas!! :)

    • Thanks! Love browsing everyone’s lists always such cool new product ideas :-)

  6. Thanks for including our list…I love reading other travelers favorite gear!

    • Thanks Caroline! I really love your gear – macbook book cover and crashplan are on my personal shopping list :-)


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