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List of Awesome Blogs

  • Travelling Belle 
  • The Mellyboo Project
  • Bogan on a Bus
  • Travel Blogger
  • Suitcase and Heels
    Melissa walks the line between frugal and indulgent travel. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t still pack your heels.
  • For the Intolerants
    A blog dedicated to good food, drink, shopping + sightseeing; everything an Intolerant needs when jet-setting around the world.
  • Curiosity Travels
    Jessica loves experiencing new things, whether it’s traveling to a new country or sampling new foods. She documents all her peculiar and foreign adventures on her blog, Curiosity Travels.
  • One Travel Dress
    I am the girl in the dress. Traveling around the world one continent at a time. I am a travel junkie, foodie at heart, and recent photography nerd. Come see what happens next in my chaotic life.
  • Blonde Brunette Travel
     A humorous and rarely useful travel blog about two sisters who travel the world together doing unintentionally idiotic things. We have two different perspectives to match our two different hair colors, but we’re both irreverent and even a bit on the snarky side (now and then)
  • Flora the Explorer
    Flora is a travelling storyteller with a self penned obsession for the weirdnesses of the world. Armed with a battered notebook, she spends her travels collecting tall tales, small souvenirs and a delightful array of crazy adventures.
  • Haute Compass
    Exclusive city guide with personal recommendations specializing in spa travel
  • My Korea Quest
    I am loving life in Uijeongbu, Korea: continuously impressed and entertained by my young students and spending my free time following Anthony Bourdain’s advice, “I’m a big believer in improvising and getting lost.”
  • Need Another Holiday 
    Clare is a holiday addict and shopaholic. She loves to travel and she lives for holidays! Her mission is always to try and find 5 star luxury with a 3 star price tag. One day she’ll master the art of travelling light
  • The Cosy Traveller
  • RTW Girl 
    RTW Girl aka Round The World Girl is a lover of tropical fruit, caffeine, street food, SE Asia, warm surf and friendly natives. Follow her as she shares tips and recounts her travels through New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe and back again over a course of 19 months
  • Travelita
    Anita, a 20-something Swiss girl, is a passionate traveller & hobby photographer, who loves to explore new places during holidays and weekend getaways (in between she has to work. On her blog she shares her daily adventures and inspiration about all travel related issues.
  • Jdomb’s Travels
  • Ginger Snaps, Abroad
  • Luggage and Ticketstubs
  • My Blissful Brood
  • RTW Jenny 
    Jenny is a PhD student turned traveller. After nearly ten years of studying she decided to swap her lab coat for her backpack and embark on a year-long RTW trip. You can follow her adventures on her blog.
  • Rtw Travel Guide
    Vegan traveler Kate and omnivore Kathryn are embarking on open-ended travel, and combining this with spending a few months a year at their base in New Zealand. Kate loves New York and beaches, and Kathryn is a big fan of Cambodia, where she does medical volunteering.
  • Aeroplane and Apparel
    Aeroplane and Apparel has very simple aim with the blog. Blogger Ash wants to invite the viewer to spend few minutes exploring, places she goes, people she meets, and outfits she wears, in hopes to inspire the viewers’ next outfit or their next event.
  • Ordinary Traveler
    Christy is an adventurer who is torn between two separate worlds — non-stop travel and living a “normal” life in coastal San Diego. She is a full-time blogger and photographer, hoping to show others that you CAN turn your passion a successful career.
  • KarisAbroad
    An American girl living in, writing about and exploring Southeast Asia. Karisa’s travels focus on art, history, culture and nightlife.
  • On the Luce
  • Girl Vs. Globe
    Girl vs. Globe documents the existential struggles of a twenty something female traveler with a penchant for getting into trouble. She revels in her travels, has a passion for fashion and is always in the mood for food. Come laugh at with her!
  • Veronika’s Adventure
    Restless Czech girl bringing the most exiting adventures from around the world.


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