Holiday Gift Sets for Women: Pinterest Pics

TFG’s Favorite Holiday Gifts Sets Perfect for Travel!


One of my very favorite things about holiday shopping is the variety of beauty gift sets for women – mini samples of your favorite products that not only make the perfect companions for travel but they’re also super affordable!

I always stock up on a gift set or two from MAC, Sephora, and Lancôme. They have some of my favorite products and most of the time you get so much more bang for your buck than buying just one  item! You pay the regular price for your favorite beauty product but you get all the bonus mini samples as part of the gift set. Both my beauty routine and my travel packing needs win – it’s the perfect combination of practical and stylish travel beauty products. I love it.

For this week’s Pinterest Pics of the Week, I’ve chosen some of my personal must travel beauty gift sets to share with you my favorite travel fashion girls. Enjoy!


Pinterest Pics of the Week: Travel Gift Sets for Women


MAC Makeup Brush Essential Gift Set

This is the ultimate chance to score a collection of MAC’s famous makeup brushes at a reasonable price. For the price of just one full size brush you get four or five in a super cute travel size kit. Always on the top of my holiday shopping list!


The High Resolution Lancôme Gift Set

I splurge on this quality mid-range skincare line because it’s sort of a tradition for the women of my family. I trust their youthful complexions and decided to also trust mine with Lancôme and have not regretted it. Their holiday gift sets are a great chance for me to maximize my investment and also get minimalist friendly travel sizes through their “free gift” offers.


Nars Gift Set

I’ve chatted you ladies up about how much I love the Nars Multiple Stick and this is when I stock up. I only use about one a year so I make sure to get it during the holidays when it comes packaged with a few bonus items. Perfection!


My New Must Have Travel Make Up Gift Set

Vanessa, one of Travel Fashion Girl’s awesome guest writers, swore by Makeup Forever’s Eye Makeup saying it’s the best waterproof travel makeup she’s used. As a beauty guru in curly hair and travel makeup, I’m taking her word for it and getting this gift set this holiday season!


Benefit Jetset

It’s all in the name – this kit is the ultimate travel gift set for women. It’s specifically made with the traveler in mind. You get everything you need in ideal travel sizes that will enhance your natural glow and help you save space in your carry on.


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  1. I love the MAC brush set. It’s a hassle to pack all of my full-size makeup brushes when I travel. The Benefit kit looks great too. I might have to pick up these goodies the next time I head to the U.S.!

    • Yes the MAC makeup brush set is a yearly upgrade! ;-) free shipping online too!

  2. I bought a Chanel travel kit when flying Cathay Pacific last year – amazing! Though the foundation is a little bit yellow for my complexion. :)
    Perfect to just take with you and leave it in your bag to use for special occasions. The velvet case does get dirty if you aren’t careful though.

    • Chanel has an awesome makeup collection. Travel kit sizes are ideal when you’re traveling and don’t need too much to make a big impact.

      Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. I didn’t wear much make up in Asia. When I went out dancing at night with friends I would put on some blush and some eyeliner and lip gloss. I tried to find some sort of oil control powder and mattifier but it’s just so humid!

    • Hi! yeah it’s so hot over here…maybe lots of dancing is the best way to add some color at night – a natural flush ;-)

  4. I love the Benefit Kit! I think that I’m going to find it hard to live without all of my makeup :(

    • In SE Asia it will all melt off so you won’t have a chance to miss it. You’ll just want to keep your fresh clean and fresh! Maybe bring some travel size baby wipes? Most girls just wear a bit of mascara during the day. You’ll have a nice tan for a natural glow after all :-)


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