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One traveler that never lacks style is Mrs O Around the World. She manages to maintain a beautifully written and successful travel blog while hop scotching across the globe and she does it with flair. She doesn’t claim to be a light traveler but does great taste in clothes and products. You can tell by her pictures – she looks fabulous! If you want to find out how you, too, can travel like Mrs O, read on to find out her travel fashion secrets!


Interview with Ultra-Luxe Traveler Mrs O Around the World




Q: Describe your travel style

I am very faithful to my mother’s motto – if I leave home, it has to be better! Travelling is one of the loves of my life – not just for the sake of going places, but to enjoy them!


Q: Do you carry on or check in your bags

I am not going to lie – I do not travel light. I can now manage a weekend with a carry-on bag, but I have been known to travel to the USA with 4 suitcases… of which 2 of course, empty.

I believe that luggage is part of our travels and have invested in Tumi luggage. They are elegant, super understated and discrete and of really good quality. Wherever I go, my Tumis come with me.


Q: How does your packing/travel style differ on a trip to Europe vs South America?

It does indeed. I always pack for the destination – I am packing for Paris today for example, and have been thinking about evening dresses and lots of black, and high heels for the evenings. In Brazil, I would go for simpler dresses with no heels because of the pavements. And no jewellery. Never thought about these differences, I suppose they are subconscious and come with a bit of practice.




Q:  You’ve traveled to some incredible destinations in 2012. What destination was the most fun to dress for?

A tough question. Italy is always fun as the women are so elegant and sophisticated, always a good excuse. I always like dressing up for NYC a little bit, and dressing down for California (in the nicest possible way). I love clothes and travelling is a great excuse to find some “local” brands. And shoes, of course.


Q: What’s your preferred travel outfit on a plane?

British Airways first class sleep suits – but only if travelling on that cabin, otherwise you look silly. I tend to wear navy for some reason – dark jeans or navy blue trousers, always a shirt, cardigan and a pashmina. Flat shoes as much as possible!


Q: What are your must have travel accessories?

I always travel with a couple of pashminas, lip balm, contact lens drops and Advil. I also have a spare wallet which I tend to use with ID and one credit card. And my Tod’s shoes.




Q: Do you have any hair or makeup products that work great for travels?
I recently became a fan of Dry Shampoo – it is really great when travelling and they have come a long way. The makeup I wear is the same – MAC powder foundation, brown eye pencil and clear mascara. Plus something special for the evening, but I am very low maintenance. I also love the 30ml Jo Malone perfumes – I use 4 at a time, so always grab 2 to surprise me (you can mix and match the scents).
I love Bumble & Bumble hair products which also come in handy decent travel sizes. As for skincare, currently using and loving Liz Earle, which also has a good travel range.
One thing I can’t find is body sunscreen under 100ml – which is tricky if we are going for away for a weekend – we have to check our bags!


Q: How many pairs of shoes do you travel with and what styles?

Of course I am going to lie on this question. For a weekend, the minimum I will take is 2 pairs of shoes, plus the ones I am wearing travelling. I am a huge fan of ballet pumps, which you can dress up and down and have them in pretty much every colour. Plus they don’t take too much space. I love a pair of black suede wedge shoes which I have just recently replaced – great for evenings and for tired feet. And I always take my beige havaianas – you never know when you may need them!




Q: Do you have any luxe but comfortable recommendations in footwear?

Tod’s is my brand for comfy shoes – I love them! Boots, loafers, heels, you name it. I can’t fly without my Tod’s. I also love LK Bennett – they do really good quality shoes and at good value for money.


Q: Finally, any travel packing tips for new travelers?

Mr O is a master of packing and I have learned a lot with him. Use the bottom for shoes, and put socks inside the shoes. Invest in expandable luggage – a little goes a long way after a shopping spree. And make sure you put toiletries in a plastic bag to avoid accidents – we had way too many. But at least things smell nice.

Thank you for giving us an insight into your lovely lifestyle! Learn more about Mrs O on her fabulous travel blogMrs O Around the World.


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