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The A – Z Of What To Bring On A Ski Trip

Ski resorts are normally low-key, so packing for a ski trip is different from other vacations. Find out what to bring on a ski trip with these 5 top tips!   What to Bring on a Ski Trip Written by: Lily An Kim   ➊ Base & Outer Layers    The North...

Layering for Cold Weather: Best Winter Jackets for Outdoor Adventures

If you are interested in outdoor activities or sports when you travel this season, you will usually find yourself in search of the best winter jackets. Even more important than the jacket itself is knowing exactly how to wear them to keep you warm. Keep reading to...

What to Pack for Gold Coast and Brisbane: Beach, Sun, and Fun!

Most travelers’ first stop in Queensland is the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. It’s not hard to see why! There is so much to do here and the backpacking community is also very present here. With such a wide range of activities and nightlife packing can be a bit...

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef? Here’s What to Bring

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef is life-changing for any traveler. To make your trip as perfect as possible I’ve listed the six must-have items you need to bring. Not only are these items absolutely necessary, but I guarantee these packing tips will make your trip...

What to Pack for a Destination Wedding: 4 Tips for Guests

Are you traveling out of town for a wedding? Here are four easy tips for guests to consider when planning what to pack for a destination wedding!   What to Pack for a Destination Wedding: Guests Written By: Niki Landry   Traveling out of town for a wedding...

What to Take on a Hike: Essentials, Gear, and Safety

Summer and early autumn are the perfect seasons in which to explore the wilderness on foot. Packing for a hiking trip takes forethought, since civilization can seem far away once the mountains and forest are in sight. In order to have a safe, enjoyable trip, this is...

The Traveling Clothes Every Woman Should Own

At the core of every capsule wardrobe there are certain pieces of traveling clothes that every woman should own. Find out what they are and for the ultimate guide to creating a capsule wardrobe for travel, read Pack Light Stylishly!   Traveling Clothes for Women...

Traveling during the Holidays? Pack These to Keep Your Sanity

Traveling is wonderful…except when flying on the busiest days of the year. Here are some stress free travel tips and things to bring to the airport to help maintain your sanity!   Stress Free Travel: Airport Tips Written by: Josie Reim   You just booked...

2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

TFG brings you our 2015 holiday gift guide for travelers and it’s a good one! Shop for your nomadic friends and family and add a few things to your personal wish list, too. This super special magazine-style shopping guide has thirty wanderlust-worthy pages of...

Why Packing Light Isn’t For Everyone

Are you an over-packer, an under-packer or maybe even an ‘Into the Wild’ style freestyle packer? However you pack, I’m sure you will have felt a certain amount of pressure recently to pack lighter. The ‘carry-on only movement’ seems to...

November Giveaway: Stay Warm without the Bulk!

Hope you liked October’s giveaway of the Pack Gear Organizer! We had almost 300 entries which was an amazing response to our first monthly giveaway! If you didn’t win don’t worry: use the code giveaway10 before November 4, 2015 and get 10% off your...

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I’ve followed Alex for several years, I don’t have any packing challenges! I did 3 countries in Europe with only an 18′ carry on and personal item.



I am always over thinking it and over packing! Your courses have helped me a great deal and I especially love the packing lists!




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