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Planning a trip to the Big Apple? Keep reading to find out what to wear in New York throughout the year!   What to Wear in New York Written by: Renée Olson   New York City – the Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps! New York is a hot destination for...

Add these 5 Things to Your Mediterranean Cruise Packing List

Planning your Mediterranean Cruise packing list? Here are the five essentials you need to take (and three items to leave behind)!   Mediterranean Cruise Packing List: 5 Essentials Written by: Jennifer Forlin   ➎ Day dress   Sleeveless Drawstring Waist...

What to Wear in Jamaica in Spring and Summer

Wondering what to wear in Jamaica in spring and summer? Keep reading to find out!   What to Wear in Jamaica Written by: Lily Kim   Practicalities Multi-purpose Rfid Organizer Holder   U.S. dollars in small denominations for tipping is recommended—even...

After Sun Skin Care: 5 Tips to Rejuvenate Your Skin Post-Vacation

Did you spend too much time outdoors on your vacation and are now in the need of after sun skin care? Read these five tips to help you rejuvenate dull, dry skin!   5 After Sun Skin Care Tips   I’ll be the first to admit that I can get a bit careless with my...

What to Bring on a Long Bus Ride: 12 Items Not to Forget

When you’re traveling long-distances by bus there are a few essentials you should never forget. Find out what to bring on a long bus ride!   What to Bring on a Long Bus Ride Written by: Jessica Lippe   While traveling light is useful for most trips,...

Interview with Gypsy Soul Sarah Reichenbach

Today’s travel fashion girl is Sarah Reichenbach, A 28 year old girl from Amsterdam, Holland, who traveled a lot growing up and packed most of her belongings into a storage-unit and left to explore the world after finishing art-school. She’s been teaching...

Boarding a Flight: My 5-Step Foolproof Pre-Flight Routine

Wondering what to do before boarding a flight? Find out my foolproof 5-step process!   What to Do Before Boarding a Flight   When you find yourself at the airport enough times you start to develop your own pre-flight routine before boarding a flight. You...

What to Wear in France in Spring: Normandy, Giverny, Rouen

Planning to venture outside of Paris or perhaps embark on a north west French road trip? Here’s a list of what to wear in France in spring including destinations such as Normandy, Giverny, and Rouen!   What to Wear in France in Spring Written By: Lily An...

What to Pack for Cuba in Spring and Summer

Traveling to Cuba this Spring or Summer? Find out what to pack for Cuba with these helpful tips on clothing and other essentials!   Bonus tip: find out additional ideas on what to wear in Cuba!   What to Pack for Cuba Written by: Lily Kim   The Weather...

2016 Spring Fashion Trends to Pack in Your Suitcase this Season

Loving all the 2016 spring fashion trends but don’t know how to incorporate them into your travel wardrobe? Let us show you how!   2016 Spring Fashion Trends Written By: Mary Ware   As travel fashion girls we all know how important it is to pick the...

Best Travel Bra Options to Creatively Save Suitcase Space

Ladies get more flexibility out of your bras when you travel. Don’t just pack any old thing. Your bras are just as important as your capsule wardrobe if not more. The way clothing fits is one of the most important principles when planning a...

4 Rainy Day Outfits to Ensure Rain Never Ruins Your Travels

Rain can be a nuisance when you travel if you’re not prepared. Don’t let rain ruin your trip. Take a look at these four rainy day outfits for different travel scenarios!   Rainy Day Outfits Written By: Nina Thomas   I like to be prepared for all...

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