All eyes on Argentina today as they battle for the win at the 2014 World Cup. For those of you inspired to visit this amazing country, we’ve put together the ultimate Buenos Aires fashion guide for summer travel inspired by some of our favorite local fashion bloggers. Read on to learn more about what to wear in Buenos Aires between the months of December to February.


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Summer in Buenos Aires

Written by Chantelle Mallin


Style photograph courtesy of Lulu Fernandez. Check out her awesome blog The Lady Posh  and Facebook Page.



Black Sleeveless / Black Jacket / Denim Pants / Flat Shoes / Carryall Bag


Buenos Aires is a city that you can instantly fall in love with. The heart of Argentina’s capital lies in the diverse and distinctive barrios (neighborhoods), from the historical Recoleta barrio to the colorful sights of La Boca, it’s not difficult to see why it is often referred to as the ‘Paris of South America’. Let’s have a closer look at Buenos Aires fashion blogger style!


Style photograph courtesy of Andre Mendez. Check out her stylish blogMy Idaho Closet  and Facebook Page



Pleated Chiffon Dress / Sunglasses / Boots


Summer in Buenos Aires runs from December to February. Be warned,  it can get hot humid and sweaty! Make sure to stay hydrated and pack a good moisturizer to ensure your skin remains silky soft. Don’t be surprised if you get caught in a sudden thunder storm as this happens frequently in the afternoon. Make sure to pack a travel umbrella that you can easily whip out and protect you from the downpour.


Style photograph courtesy of Lulu Fernandez. Check out her stylish blog The Lady Posh  and Facebook Page


Loose Vest / Chiffon Blouse / Pleated Skirt / Flat Shoes / All Accessory Bag


It’s all about the fabrics when considering Buenos Aires fashion in summer. It’s essential that you include garments crafted from fabrics that are lightweight, breathable and wick away moisture. The weather can drop cooler at night; make sure to include a lightweight jacket such as a leather or blazer to combat the drop in temp.

Dress code is largely influence by the humid weather: opt for a selection of tanks, camis and t’s in neutral colors that you can easily pair with colorful flowing skirts, a pair of harem pant and lightweight shorts, include a bold printed dress to add an feminine edge.


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Style photograph courtesy of Lucia Martinez. Check out her amazing blog The Style of Lucia  and Facebook Page


Floral Pleated Dress / Flat Shoes / Clutch Bag / Sunglasses


Argentinians LOVE wearing jeans, yes, even in the summer – if you want to blend in with the Buenos Aires fashion and adopt the local’s style it’s essential you pack your favorite pair, choose a lightweight cropped style to endure the heat, go one further and opt for a pastel pair to add splash of color and guarantee you look super stylish this summer.


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Style photograph courtesy of Andre Mendez. Check out her stylish blog My Idaho Closet  and Facebook Page


 Jumpsuit / T-Shirt / Satchels Bag / Sandals / Headband / Sunglasses


Palermo is the place to be as the night falls, with so many hip bars and clubs you’re sure to find to somewhere to enjoy some alfresco dining and a tasty cocktail or two. Make sure to pack a party outfit, think fitted jeans and an embellished cami or a printed summer dress. Choose a comfortable yet fun ensemble that you can enjoy dancing the night away in.

Summer in the city is a great time to showcase your sexy sun appropriate sandals. Add a pair of ballet flats or cute and comfortable walking shoes for when you’re walking and exploring and you’re good to go. Try to avoid packing heels: cobbles + heels = disaster. If you don’t feel comfortable without a bit of height, opt for a low wedge shoe instead. Check out our top wedges for summer!


Style photograph courtesy of Lulu Fernandez. Check out her stylish blog The Lady Posh  and Facebook Page


 Hem Vest / Chiffon Shirt Pants / Satchels Bag / Flat Shoes


There’s no better place than here to play around with statement accessories and chunky jewelry. Take a leaf out of our local Buenos Aires fashion blogger’s books and complete you summer outfit with an oversized tote and stacked jewelry – totally chic!





Hope you liked these tips on what to wear in Buenos Aires in the summer. Don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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