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One of the best ways to choose the right clothing for your trip to Italy is to research and find out how the locals dress.  To help you pack the best clothing for your summer vacation, we’ve sought out guidance from some of our favorite Italian fashion bloggers, taking outfit inspiration from their amazing style shots and outfits of the day.

Rest assured, these stylish women will help answer all your questions about what to wear on your trip to Italy in Summer!


The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Your Trip to Italy in Summer

Written by Chantelle Mallin




Striped Dress / SneakersStripe Bag / Mirror Lens Sunglasses


Italy Inspiration: Style photograph courtesy of Erika Boldrin. Check out her stylish blog My Free Choice and Facebook Page 



Italy is considered one of the major style countries of the world, fashion is important in the Italian culture and locals take pride in what they wear and how they accessorize. Italians are famed for their sense of style, when packing for your trip to Italy in summer think effortless style, breezy neutrals and timeless tailoring. When in Rome in the summer, dress as the Romans do.

Summer is a great time for a trip to Italy, the season is filled with Italian festivals taking place across the country, from big cities to tiny villages you’ll often find outdoor music and entertainment performances in a main square or historic venue, it’s safe to say you’ll never bore of things to entertain you.


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Printed Cami Top / Cambridge Satchel Bag / Wayfarer Sunglasses / Sneakers / Striped Trousers


Italy Inspiration: Style photograph courtesy of Giulia Bruni. Check out her awesome blog The Fashion MAMA’S and Facebook Page 


The summer season is a great time to experiment with color, Italians are rarely seen in a basic pair of jeans or khakis and instead prefer to wear a kaleidoscope of colors, opt for a pastel pair of skinny jeans or sleek capris this summer to embrace the style and be totally on trend.

Be prepared, the weather in the summer can get HOT, it’s essential to protect your peepers from the strong suns glaze with a pair of stylish shades, we all know the Italians love their labels, but any frame will do, the bigger and sleeker the better, a sleek wide brimmed hat or stylish trilby won’t go a miss either.


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Striped Maxi Dress / Ballerina Flat Shoes / Oversized Bag / Straw Hat


Italy Inspiration: Style photograph courtesy of Federica Romani. Check out her amazing blog Vanilla & Soap and Facebook Page 


Italians LOVE to accessorize make sure to pack lots of oversized costume jewelry, tribal and Aztec designs are perfect for S/S 14. A scarf or shawl is essential for a trip to Italy; travel wardrobes are usually condensed. A scarf is great for adding a splash of color or print and changing up outfits being used as a headband, belt or accessory, they take up minimal precious luggage space too as an added bonus.

It is considered disrespectful and is often forbidden to enter a place of worship without being significantly covered; a scarf is great for storing in your bag to throw on if you plan on visiting the tourist areas on a trip to Italy.


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Wedges / Stripe Mesh Tee / Print Midi Skirt / Hat


Italy Inspiration: Style photograph courtesy of Lucia Del Pasqua. Check out her inspirational fashion blog The Fashion Politan and Facebook Page 


Italy is renowned for its high quality leather craftsmanship so it’s no surprise that Italian’s opt to wear high quality leather shoes, mainly heels, if the thought of walking around the rustic cobbled streets in stilettos give you nightmare go for block wedges instead.

If flats are more your bag choose a pair of stylish leather strap sandals or a cute pair of ballerina flats, stay away from flip flop unless you plan on paying a visit to one of the country’s beautiful beaches.


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Print Tank / Denim Shorts / Strappy Sandals / Satchel Bag / Round Sunglasses


Italy Inspiration: Style photograph courtesy of Irene Colzi. Check out her stylish blog Irene’s CLOSET and Facebook Page


Your guaranteed to give yourself away as a tourist walking around town with a bulky backpack or bum bag, instead choose a chic oversized leather handbag with a secure zip for safety, if you fancy treating yourself, buy yourself a new handbag whilst traveling, you’re sure to find amazing designs and high quality creations in the treasure trove markets or high class boutiques of Italy.


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Boyfriend Blazer / Wedges / Shoulder Bag / Printed Boho Dress


Italy Inspiration: Style photograph courtesy of Amanda Marzolini. Check out her awesome blog THE FASHIONAMY and INSTAGRAM 


When dressing for for your trip to Italy in summer loose and light clothing is key, skirts and dresses are great for a pretty feminine look while exploring the beautiful country. Try a variation of lengths from mini (ish) to midi to maxi and play around with playful prints or pastel hues for a stand out look this spring summer; pair with neutral colored tank tops and camis to complete the look.

Remember to pack a light jacket or cardigan for your travels, a lot of restaurants and bars have al fresco dining/drinking so a cover up is great for if the evening temperature turns chilly.




Shoulder Bag / Pleated Mini Skirt / Striped T-shirt / Converse Sneakers


Italy Inspiration: Style photograph courtesy of Barbara Materi. Check out her stylish blog VOGUEBUSTER and Facebook Page 


Traveling in Italy in the summer is generally a relaxing experience and truthfully you can wear what you want, however, you’ll fit in better and feel more at home adapting to some of the local style – take bits of inspiration and form an outfit you feel comfortable in. If you really want to make an effort to dress like a local keep an eye on Italian fashion magazines and the style blogs above to see what is in vogue and on trend.


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Pleated Midi Skirt / Clutch BagFloral Necklace / Velvet Heel / Gingham Check T-Shirt


Italy Inspiration: Style photograph courtesy of Mariagrazia Ceraso. Check out her inspirational fashion blog Venus At Her Mirror and Facebook Page 


Sunglasses / Infinity Brick Scarf / Gladiator Sandal / Ballet Flat / Cross-body Convertible Tote / Lonely Planet Italian Phrasebook


Hope this post helped clarify any misconceptions about what Italian women do and don’t wear.

Who’s your Italy style inspiration?

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