Travel Essentials Packing List

The Universal Packing Lists are your ultimate minimalist guide to packing light. Whether you’re a fashionista or a no-frills traveler, these lists are made for you to customize them to fit your own personal style.


This isn’t your average packing list! The clothing shown has been carefully selected and offers you brands, colors, fabrics, and functionality that will help make planning your travel wardrobe a breeze. By including a combination of well-known travel brands along with your favorite retailers, you’ll find that you really can find a happy balance between travel and fashion!


Please keep in mind that each item shown is only used to represent visual ideas of how you can create your own custom list with the style and color palette of your personal preference. Have fun with it and get ready to have your own personal travel fashion show.





Travel Essentials Packing List!


PLEASE NOTE: The dress featured in this set is SOLD OUT. It was originally from (brand unknown). Here is a similar black dress. The BKE Dakota Convertible pant is from

Ten piece packing list: the ideal quantity of clothing to create the perfect capsule wardrobe. It also acts as the core of a larger wardrobe.

Whether you’re going on a Round-the-World journey, 1 week business trip, or a two week vacation, the Travel Essentials Packing List shows you how to pack light and have the right clothes for any trip. If you’re low maintenance or you just want to pack light, this list offers you the ability to maximize your travel outfits with minimal gear in a carry-on bag.

This is the ultimate minimalist packing list that everyone can follow!









 photo essentials-packing-list.png







Where and when are you traveling?

This list is equally perfect if you’re traveling for business, going on a fun weekend getaway, or if you’re a minimalist traveler going on a long term trip.



It’s all about choosing the right clothing pieces to fit the needs of your travels, and making sure that you can mix and match each item.









For trips under one week, laundry may not be necessary depending on your packing list combination of choice (see below Essentials Suggested Packing List).


Hand washing or laundry service is necessary for trips over 1 week. Remember, all you need is one week’s worth of clothing then plan to do laundry weekly for the duration of your trip.

Remember, just because your trip is longer doesn’t mean you need to pack more! You just need to do laundry.









to choose appropriate items:

As with all the lists, it is important to select clothing items that work well together and can be used interchangeably.



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One Color Story – mostly solids, patterns within the same color story. Half of items neutral colors + half one color story



Durable, quick dry, synthetics



Good Fit, classic styles that match with everything



Appropriate in various settings: Beach, Temples, Villages, Cities, Treks, etc



30-40 Liter Backpack or carry-on size weekender bag or duffle.







Sample Packing List


 photo essentials.jpg

Denim Shirt / Sleeveless Cupro Shirt / Linen Shirt / Crochet detail Shirt / Detachable Belt Dress / Floral Dress /  Baggy Trousers / Leggings / Linen Shorts / Pecarry Skirt / Sandals / Flat Shoes






 photo topsCollage.jpg


Four Tank Tops/Short Sleeve Tops in the heat or Four Long Sleeves for Cooler Climates

Synthetic fabric, quick dry, solid colors or simple prints. Classic cut that can be worn under dress or button up shirt to match and provide extra coverage if needed. Tunics are versatile and can be worn in more than ways than regular length tops.

One Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt

Light Fabric, Synthetics, polyester, or silk blend. Able to layer over other tops and dresses as a light jacket or cover up





Three Bottoms

 photo cargopants2.jpg

Jeans in dark colors, lightweight trouser, and mid to floor length skirts are all good options for travel.
Jeans work well on shorter vacations, trips to metropolitan cities, or cool climates. Remember, jeans may be heavy but they hardly have to be washed.
Maxi skirts work well in a variety of settings and are both fashionable and conservative





Two Travel Dresses

 Light Fabric, Solid Vibrant Color/Print or Neutral Khaki or Little Black Dress.
A sun dress is idea that can be worn casually during the day and dressed up at night.
 Convertible dress/skirts are ideal.








One Fleece/Hoodie/Cardigan and /or Water Resistant Jacket/Coat depending on weather



One Bathing Suit

Reversible bathing suits allow you to mix and match. Choose one that has a neutral shade on one side so it can easily double up as a bra under your tops



Two Bra’s

Neutral color that matches with all your tops. Read about choosing the best bras for travel.



One Sports Bra

If you plan on doing activities or have long bumpy transportation journeys



Five-Ten Pairs of Travel Underwear

Quick dry, avoid 100% cotton or mesh



Two/Three pairs of shoes

Depending on your activities One Pair of Flip Flops/Sandals/Flats and One Pair of Trainers/Hiking Hybrids. If you have space for a third pair, pack something to dress up your travel outfits. Read more about finding fashionable and comfortable travel shoes.




One belt that can be worn with pants and dress for practical style. A complete set of costume jewelry – one of each: earrings, ring, necklace, bracelet.




Multi-use Stick (check out the Nars Multiple Stick) / Mascara or Eye Liner







Alternate Packing List Combinations

➍ Tops + ➍ Bottoms + ➋ Dresses

(versatile, shown above)


➎ Tops + ➌ Bottoms + ➋ Dresses

(good multi-climate trips or hot weather)


➏ Tops + ➌ Bottoms + ➊ Dress

(good for varying climates)


➐ Tops + ➌ Bottoms

(good for cold climates)


➓ Dresses

(perfect for resort and tropical vacations)





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