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Walking sandals for travel have long been known for their comfort – NOT their style. However, it seems that some outdoor brands are finally catching on to the fact that travel and comfort does not need to equate to masculine (and well, downright fugly).


Are female travelers finally going to get “travel gear” actually designed for women?


Walking Sandals for Travel


While working on the current walking sandal shoe trend a few months ago, I came across some travel sandals that were actually not so unattractive. In fact, they were actually pretty cute.

TEVA walking sandals in particular caught my eye.

I shared my finding on TFG’s Facebook group earlier this summer and got a large amount of positive feedback from the readers – they loved these new styles!


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Inspired by their feedback, I decided to give these TEVA walking sandals styles a try for myself. I ordered the Capri Universal W Slide and Capri SW Slide styles on Amazon:



Capri Universal W Slide in red

 photo Tevared.jpg

 photo tevared1.jpg

 photo tevared3.jpg

 photo tevared4.jpg

 photo tevared2.jpg



Capri SW Slide in tan

 photo 1-10.jpg

 photo 2-10.jpg

 photo 45-1.jpg

 photo 67.jpg

 photo 5-8.jpg


Wow – I’m surprised. They are actually pretty cute!

While you’d never see me wearing these traditional and highly functional outdoor Teva walking sandals, the above shoes are styles I would actually wear!


But…are they comfortable?

I sure hope so and will be testing them out on the cobblestone streets of Central America.


 photo travelSandalsCollage.jpg



Stay tuned for the full review! What are your favorite walking sandals for travel?


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