Whether you’re planning what hair care products you need to take, how to downsize them, or how to style your hair on your next trip, take a look at our favorite travel hair tips. Don’t forget to download your free packing checklist!


Summer Hair Care – 5 Tips to Avoid ‘Hay Hair’

0SharesShare this post: Yikes! This can happen to any of us, especially with highlighted or dry hair. Here’s how to prevent it and protect your locks for your summer travels… How to Avoid Summer “Hay Hair” by Dale Janee   1....

Natural Beauty Recipes for Hair Care on the Road

0SharesShare this post:   In yesterday’s post, we talked about homemade beauty recipes for your skin so today we’re going to cover natural beauty recipes for your hair. With so many natural beauty options available around the world, let’s make sure we use them...

Travel Fashion Girl Beauty Week Giveaway!

0SharesShare this post: Travel beauty takes many different forms this week on Travel Fashion Girl! From practical beauty packing tips to body treatments for the inside and out, join me for a whirlwind of beauty finds from around the globe. To kick start Travel Fashion...


Want the best travel hair products for women? Read these top picks: curling iron, dry shampoo, and hair accessories.


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