One of our readers asked us for the most comfortable wedges for travel so we turned to the experts: you! Find out the top ten wedges you recommended!


Most Comfortable Wedges for Travel


Travel Fashion Help! A reader asks: Can you recommend comfortable travel wedges for Europe?

When asked if they should pack high heels for leisure travel to Europe, it seems that most women agree: skip the heels and pack wedges if you can’t do without a dressy shoe.

The cobblestone streets make it difficult to wear traditional heels so locals opt for wedges, too. We even have a guide about walking in heels on cobblestone streets.



Our readers voted and these are their top recommendations for comfortable wedges for travel:




Elasticated Crossover Strap Wedge


Here in the UK, I have this Dune pair in a few colors. Soft leather, cork wedge. Pretty comfy! The sun is out here, so the time has come to get them on my feet again!

Clare Farrell




Skechers Cali Parallel Wedge Sandal


I haven’t tried them yet, but these Sketchers look quite comfortable. I love their GoWalks for flat travel shoes and for lots of airport security slip on/off needs. They’re comfy and unbelievably lightweight.

Brenda Race




Aerosoles Plush Around Wedge Sandal


I got a pair of Aerosoles wedge sandals that are very comfy. Gotta love the “comfort footwear”!

Tami Heaton


Bernie Mev


Bernie Mev Lulia Shoes


Try Bernie Mev. The flats are amazing and the wedges look very cool, too.

Tracy Thomas Federico




Crocs A-Leigh Leather Slingback Wedge


I’m going to Europe this summer and I’m looking into buying the A-Leigh Mini Wedge Leather by Crocs. I’ve never bought Crocs before but the reviews are really good.

In the reviews, people stated that they are comfortable, durable, and cute! That is exactly what I need in a sandal. I’ve had two shoes disasters in Europe–it was so much unneeded stress. So now before buying shoes for vacations, I read the reviews.

Ricki Jean Rodriguez


Crocs Leigh Wedge Sandal


I’m considering these from Crocs–the Leigh Wedge. You can come straight off the beach and hit the street in style with this shoe.

– Ricki Jean Rodriguez




Splash Black Shoes


My friend teaches all day in these Splash Black shoes and loves them! With a wedge heel, the Splash is the perfect sandal for transitioning from day to night, or from poolside to a dinner party.

Ann Brown Salley




Earthies Caradonna Wedge Sandal


I got my first pair of Earthies. They are super comfy! The Caradonna is a festive wedge sandal that’ll give you every reason to celebrate.

Barbara Pelle




Born Emmy Sandal


I’ve been wearing these and they are VERY comfortable and cute. I plan to wear them on the plane to Costa Rica.

Noonan Rubick




Dansko Frida Wedge Sandal


Dansko or sanita clog-style wedges!

Kaitlin Blackburn


Dansko is my first choice for long term wear and fashion, all the way!

Laura Metelski




TOMS Strappy Wedges Canvas Sandal


Toms wedges are great! And they now come in so many more colors!

Gretchelle Quiambao


I love my Tom wedges! But after standing and walking in them for eight hours straight, they were not the most comfortable.

Laura Metelski


TOMS Womens Desert Wedge Boot


Toms wedges are super comfy!

Lesley Forrest Hammer


Toms! I love my lace-up pair!

Megan Bredenkamp-Myers



Travel Outfit Ideas for Wedge Shoes

Do you have any comfortable wedges for travel to add to the list?

Read the following for more ideas on travel shoes:




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