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You have packed, repacked, organized your outfits and collected what you think are the best shoes for travel…to the point of exhaustion. You suddenly realize your four-inch heels may look cute and give your butt a little extra lift, but you can’t walk around in them for more than five minutes. All is not lost! Here are some tips to save your soles and choose the best travel shoes.


The Importance of Packing the Best Shoes for Travel


The main idea is to bring proper footwear and not overpack shoes that you simply don’t need. Here’s a hot top: for travel shoes, three is the magic number.





Walking Shoes


First, you need a quality, comfortable pair of walking shoes with solid support. This is the pair of shoes you’ll be wearing the majority of the time, so it needs to be comfortable. If you’re doing lots of sightseeing, you don’t want to putter out because you twisted your ankle in the cracks of the Great Wall!

The best shoes for travel are the ones you can wear with a variety of different outfits and that you also enjoy wearing.

If you’re hitting the city streets, check out these fun tennis shoe styles or stick to a classic pair of TOMS.


Check out these fashionable walking shoes for travel.


Dress Shoe: Sandals/Flats


Your second pair of shoes is where you can add a little more style, like something dressier to dress up your outfits. It’s a bonus if they’re comfortable and can alternate with your walking shoes to add variety!

Make sure they are travel friendly: packable and able to withstand wear, versatile with several travel outfits, and durable–you want them to last the duration of your trip.


In cold weather, ankle boots or flats are both stylish and comfortable options.


Check our top 13 picks for ankle booties and these cute and comfortable ballet flats for travel.


If you are going on an active trip in tropical climates, you may decide to pack travel sandals like the ones mentioned in this article as your walking shoe, but you may want to consider a pair of flip flops as well.

The iPanema Maya Thong gives you the practicality of a flip flop with a stylish twist–perfect for transitioning from beach to evening wear, which also replaces the need to pack an additional dressy shoe!

In the heat, sandals are great because they are comfortable, allow your feet to breathe, and can give your skirts and dresses a little flair.


Check out these dress sandals as alternatives to flip flops.


Activity Shoe


Your activity shoe is what you choose to pack for the special activity you will do on your trip. Whether it’s hiking, dancing, working out, or whatever–this category is for that shoe that you can’t wear all the time but need for your special activity.

If you’re planning to go hiking, a pair of hybrid trainer/hiking shoes would work well, like the Merrell Siren Sport. Go to an outdoors store before you leave and try on different styles and colors.


Heels usually aren’t the best shoes for travel or the most practical item on many trips. A pair of nice thong sandals or cute flats make great replacements! However, if you are traveling for business or a wedding, these are our top heels for travel!


Additional Things to Consider


Make sure to break in all travel shoes before you leave! Wear them around your town at least a couple times. Take them out for a hike or two if that’s what you’re into. The last thing you want is for your comfortable shoes to give you blisters!

When traveling, taking care of your feet is essential; they literally take you everywhere! You must be good to those toes–you will enjoy yourself much more by not worrying about blisters and pain.

It also pays to spend a little extra money to ensure the quality of your footwear when you’re trying to decide on the best shoes for travel.

If all fails, and your footwear isn’t working out, you can buy shoes anywhere in the world. Just pick up a new pair if you didn’t make the best choices–it’s happened to me!


A sample of travel shoe combinations for tropical climates:




Since walking shoes tend to be the most difficult choice for many people, here are some traveler favorites. While needs vary depending on the destination, see which ones are the best shoes for your trip:

What are your best shoes for travel?

 For more on the best shoes for travel, please read: 




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Author Bio: Tara is a native Californian and newbie world traveler, having just backpacked through Europe and continuing throughout Southeast Asia. An enthusiast of all things organic, she also loves to read, write, and bake in her spare time and currently keeps her own travel blog, Traveling Days.

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