Best Travel Shoes: Womens Leather Boots

Best Travel Shoes: Womens Leather Boots

These boots were made for walking…

Whilst heels can transform you into a glamorous princess, it is boots that are the best travel shoes for cities and a key essential for any woman to unlock her fashion and footwear freedom. With a vast range of designs and styles, you won’t have to forgo comfort or style on your holiday with a good pair of womens leather boots.


Best Travel Shoes: Womens Leather Boots

by Cailyn Cox


Why Boots make the Best Travel Shoes for City Travel

Boots are perfect for city travel including trips to Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Boots provide far more stability and support than regular shoes, giving a much higher degree of support and protection to both your ankle and foot. Many can be surprisingly light weight making them both easy to walk in and easy to transport so you don’t have to worry about the extra baggage weight when packing.

Boots are extremely versatile allowing for excessive walking, light hiking, and even nightlife, as they are easily transitioned from a day look to a night look, boots are a great choice for any occasion and compliment any outfit. Designed to withstand all elements and prevent the entry of water, snow or dirt,  ensuring that your feet remain dry and warm (nothing puts a damper on your trip like wet feet).

Leather is a fantastic option as they are soft and waterproof whilst allowing for breathability and durability. Opt for black or dark brown leather as these colours are less obtrusive and easy to match with any outfit. In addition they are also forgiving with any dirt that you may encounter during your travels.




The key factors for a wonderful travel fashion wardrobe are simple: style and comfort and with extensive range available you can ensure you find a pair that is both practical and stylish. With this selection of flat boots you’ll have both:

  • Ride It Out Boot  €37 ($49) They have a man-made upper and sole, with adjustable straps and a side zipper which makes them easy to get on and off.
  • Into the Night Boot €27 ($35) These boots use Man-made materials and have front laces and a side zipper which ensures they are easy to get on and you can adjust the laces accordingly.
  • Fiona Combat Boot €59 ($78) These boots are made using black vegan leather, with a combat design. They also have a lace lace-up front and a zipper on the side.
  • Back Road Boots €72 ($95)  These boots are made from distressed brown leather, and slip on, which make them convenient and comfortable.

For nearly every trip in metropolitan cities, you’ll need a pair of womens leather boots; these sturdy shoes make the best travel shoes because they’re perfect for walking and everyday use. If your anticipated activities involve a lot of exercise and a lot of walking, or the use public transportation then boots are what you need!

In fact, even if you plan to be low-key it would still be beneficial to travel with boots. Boots are undoubtedly my top pick when it comes to stylish travel shoes as they are not only exceptionally comfortable, but also effortlessly create a classic casual chic look.

An important tip when purchasing your boots are how easily they come on and off – as you do not want boots that you battle to put on, or get off on holiday and you should consider the that you may be required to remove them, for example at airport security.

I truly believe womens leather boots are the best travel shoes, an investments buy, lasting for years in both structure and style. Don’t wait – Pack those boots today.


TFG Recommends: No matter what your choice of fashionable travel shoes, Dr. Scholl’s Gel Insoles are a must for the ultimate in added comfort! They make insoles cut specifically for a woman’s foot so they fit your flats, trainer, or boots just right. Their High Heel Insoles are a total life saver if you plan to travel with heels. I love these insoles – they are the perfect comfort solution!


I agree with Cailyn. I live in my boots in LA year round and they’re my number one choice to travel to Europe or North America.

Where do you take your boots?

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Cailyn Cox

Author: Cailyn Cox is a 24 year old South African born fashion and travel enthusiast, who loves dark poetry and bright colours. Passionate about lyrics, art and design, she draws inspiration from her surroundings. She is currently interning at Travel Fashion Girl to bring travelers helpful travel tips as she studies in Europe.


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  1. Can I wear boots during summer in Australia? won’t it be too hot wearing a pair? how versatile is it when it comes to seasons? help…i’m just really worried I’ll look like an idiot wearing it.:) thanks TFG!

    • Hi Rheza, it depends! What part of Australia will you be traveling to and which months?

  2. I have been desperately searching for cute leather boots that are semi-affordable, and this is the most helpful site I found! The only thing is that these boots are sold-out. Could you suggest any boots that are available this year?

    • Thanks Cara! I’ve got a new post on ankle boots coming soon :-)

  3. Just FYI, only ONE of these “leather” boots you listed is actually made out of leather (the last one). The durability/softness/waterproofness does not usually carry over from real leather to fake leather.

    • good point – i’ll make a note of this. thanks!

  4. I have worn my Legero boots all over Europe, and they are often the only shoes I pack. I wear them with tunic dresses and tights or tucked in to skinny jeans. Love them! I don’t recommend a heel though, for excessive walking. Stick with wedges or flat rubberized soles with tread.

    • Hi Suzanne, Will check out these boots – Thanks for the tips!

  5. Hi! Most of the suggested boots are sold out. Will you be posting an updated list for the fall?

  6. What do you think about the standard riding boot? The kind that goes up to your knees for Europe during the summer?

    I’m studying abroad in Prague, but I’ll be in Luxembourg for a few weeks prior. Plus, I’ll be all over the continent.

    • The riding boot is a great option – although not sure if it would be too warm for summer?

      • That’s what I’m worried about! I definitely am liking some of the boots posted on here though!

  7. Last year i travelled to Japan mid winter and had a number of specific requirements (like, has to be easy to take off and put on easy as it’s Japan! has to be wearable in snow – i’m from Australia so didnt really know what would work as well as be fashionable!) I bought a pair of Ugg Australia’s Hazelwood boots and i cannot praise them enough. They were a little bit pricey but they feel exactly like ugg boots (sheep skin lined!) and were just PERFECT! Highly encourage!

    • Thanks for the tip! It’s always very helpful to know about shoes :-)

  8. I agree with your post about boots being the best travel shoes, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. I own a pair of the No. 5 boots and have found them the most practical and comfortable pair of footwear for all the walking we have done in the past year. They are great worn in snow and in warmer temperatures with a pair of IceBreaker socks. They can be worn out to more formal occasions with tights and a dress tunic.
    Now I am trying to find shoes that will do the same in cities in Europe during the Summer. Your blog is a fantastic help ideas.

    • Hi Gaylene, a pair of ankle booties would work just as well for Europe in the summer – they’re in all the TFG Europe packing lists and are really popular right now :-)

  9. As a New Yorker, I truly love love love a good pair of leather boots since they are the sturdiest types for the concrete and cobblestone jungle. It’s the one thing I’m always willing to spend an arm and a leg for because they seriously LAST a lifetime.

    • 100% agreed on that! good quality boots are a long lasting essential!

  10. Boots can be even better for walking than runners. I’ve got a great pair of black, lace up boots that I can walk in all day. And they look a whole lot better than runners.

    • And many of them are surprisingly very comfortable too!


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