I recently walked into the Athleta store at the Grove in Los Angeles and fell in love –what cute workout clothes, perfect for travel too!

Some of the best clothes for travel are items from fitness lines. Constructed from high performance, durable materials many fitness brands have the right fabric properties required for travel clothing and also have style, too – bonus!

I’m glad I finally had a chance to browse the Athleta product line in person. Many of you are already traveling with their products and I’m about to join you too.


Is this the Best Fitness Clothing for Travel?


While there are many cute workout clothes available on the market, not all of their offerings are ideal for travel. I had a look at their collection using the travel wardrobe shopping tips featured in this packing video and these were my top picks from Athleta:


Bettona Straight Edition


 photo is-this-the-best-fitness-clothing-for-travel-2.jpg

The Bettona Straight is great for gals that love the slim fit but want a more structured pant than leggings. Several of the TFG readers already own and travel with this pair!


Bettona Classic Pants


 photo is-this-the-best-fitness-clothing-for-travel.jpg

The same ideal fabric as the above option, the Bettona Classic Pant is perfect for women that prefer a more traditional bootcut style trouser. Both these Bettona pants can easily be worn comfortably in flight, to workout, and also to sightsee.


Dipper Pants


 photo is-this-the-best-fitness-clothing-for-travel-3.jpg

Sale Alert! Currently $20 off


A long time traveler favorite, the Dipper style is highly recommended by Marti from a String of Pearls Blog in this great popular packing list post.


 Printed Pulse Short


 photo is-this-the-best-fitness-clothing-for-travel-4.jpg

 Love love love how perfect these Printed Pulse shorts are for travel! They feel softer and even more lightweight than the latest Nike styles making them an even better buy – wear them to sleep, workout, and hang out – quick wash and dry and you’re good to go! Can’t wait to add these to my travel wardrobe.


Catch me up to speed ladies. What are your favorite Athleta pieces for travel?

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