Minimalist Travel Packing – How to Mix and Match 4 Pieces of Clothing

Minimalist Travel Packing – How to Mix and Match 4 Pieces of Clothing

Traveling with just four-six items of clothing as suggested in the Minimalista Packing Guide may sound unrealistic but for some travelers like this ultra light packer, this is considered standard packing.

Her packing list consists of just four travel items: 1 convertible pair of pants (that also turn into shorts), 1 tank top, 1 long sleeve shirt, and 1 dress.

Travel Fashion Girl StylistStyle-Mix


Minimalista Packing List: 4 Items of Clothing = 8 Travel Outfits


By being creative and learning how to mix and match clothes, you too can easily travel with just four items of clothing!

In this Travel Fashion Girl Stylist Style-Mix, we show you how to make eight entirely unique fashion ensembles with just four items. That’s more than one week’s worth of travel outfits!




This Travel Fashion Ultra Light Packing List includes:


1 tank top in a neutral color

 1 button up long sleeve shirt in the same color palette

 1 dark set of convertible pants

1 plain “little black travel dress”

 1 travel handbag

 5 travel accessories: 2 scarves, 1 pair of earrings, 1 belt, and 1 hat

 1 pair of flip flops

 1 pair of sunglasses


I love how a standard LBD an also be used as a skirt! Check out my top 5 travel dresses.


Did you like this Travel Outfit Style-Mix on how to mix and match clothes? Comment below!

Use our Signature Packing Lists to mix and match your travel wardrobe:



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  1. Your packing list was pure inspiration, thank you so much. I travel a lot for work and I am already a very light packer in a regular carry-on. But on my next trip I’m going to Costa Rica for 10 days so i needed a couple more pieces for ziplining, waterfalls, dinners etc. In total I made 30 outfits from 14 pieces and added a swimsuit, underwear, shoes and toiletries. Everything fits in a small backpack so no airline baggage fees, #spiritsucks! but it’s cheap so you get what you pay for. Thanks again. Happy travels!

    • Wow :) 30 outfits from 14 pieces is fantastic! Good Work! So glad you like the packing list :) It sounds like it’s really working for you!

  2. More posts like this please!

    • you got it!

    • How often do you have to wash these items so you don’t smell?

  3. any ideas for the camino de santiago??

  4. Love your blog and refer to it often when packing my carry on. Looking at this combination though, all these pieces will not fit as well as shown, cause they are altered in the pictures. White shirt is long then short…tucking it in will create inevitable bulkiness. White tank over black dress…the black top part will poke out in areas, unless perfectly matched. Plus the black dress is bloused in some pictures, and then fitted under the white tank. Using 4 pieces is not as easy as pictures, that have been altered. Inspirational though for those wanting to travel lighter. Please keep up the fantastic work, but please show us the real deal.

    • Hi Josly, thanks for your email! I’m glad you like the blog and find it useful for your travels :)
      All the packing lists and visuals are for inspiration only so you can then apply the ideas illustrated and choose clothing choices that you personally like and that also fit your specific travel needs. This post provides more details:

      Just as you have mentioned certain tops look better with specific bottoms and that is the art of creating and perfecting your own travel wardrobe – determining which of your own clothing fits all the criteria:

      For further convenience, there will be more posts consisting of actual photographs of clothing and travel outfits in the future.
      Thanks again for reading :)

      • Thanks Alex! Look forward to the photographs of pieces/combos… and links to where we can purchase of course… in Canada…. am I pushing it now? ;) Take care!

  5. Thanks! Getting ready for a trip to London. As a stay-at-home-mom, I’m feeling a bit “out of practice” when it comes to fashion and/or travel. Browsing your site has been super-helpful.

    • Thank you Kathleen! Hope you have a fantastic trip :-)

  6. I love some of these pieces of clothing! Can you say where they are from, specifically the flip flop/sandals, belt, black dress, and bag? Thanks for your travel help!

  7. Would love to see clothes modeled for larger women. 14-16 Your cloths look lovely on the slimmer figure but what about the rest of us.

    • Hi Madeline, thanks for your comment! The clothes are only meant to represent clothing types with the hopes that each individual can apply the styling ideas to meet their unique needs.

      If you let me know what your favorite brands are, I can replicate this list for you if you’d like :-)

  8. These are great tips, Alex. I’m a tour director so I always have to look nice on tour for the guests, however, I have a lot of extra tour “stuff” I must carry that does not include my wardrobe. I’ll be implementing these strategies during my next tour.

    • Thank you, Glad to help! Please share your feedback when you do :-)


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