Packing Cubes Video Tutorial: Learn How to Pack Light!

Since I published this post I’ve received hundreds of comments from women all over the world. Not only did they find out that packing cubes are much more than just organizational tools, they’ve also learned that they are the secret to packing carry-on only. I hope you’ll find this as helpful as they did!



Why Packing Cubes are a Must-Have Travel Essential


Packing Cubes are the ultimate travel organizers! They help you maximize the space in your bag so you can fit all your belongings in an organized and efficient way using minimal space.

It’s important to note that packing cubes help you do much more than just separate your tops from your bottoms. By utilizing the packing method illustrated in this video tutorial, you compress the space in your luggage making it easier to travel carry-on only.






I’m a full time digital nomad that travels 365 days a year. These packing cubes helped me achieve my goal of traveling carry-on only in my never-ending journey around the world.

In my post about Packing Carry-on for European Budget Airlines in the Winter, I showed you how it is possible to squeeze even non-practical items like my leather skirt and leather jacket into these little containers of packing perfection. They constantly amaze me so I had to make this video to show you just how awesome they really are.






In this packing video tutorial, I show you how you can compress a generous amount of clothing into minimal space by rolling and adjusting within packing cubes.

I have used my largest Universal Packing List: the Maximista so you can see that it really is possible to travel carry-on only with the generous amount of clothing featured in the 15 Piece capsule travel wardrobe from the Maximista packing list. The clothing chosen is an example of what I would pack for an indefinite multi-climate trip.







As shown in the video, I use this 3 piece set of slim eBags packing cubes in non-assorted sizes. Although they offer a wide array of colors, my personal color of preference is Titanium because it matches my Farpoint Osprey 55 travel backpack which I highly recommend.

Read my Farpoint Osprey 55 travel backpack review.




What’s the Difference Between


These packing cubes are available in two different sizes: slim and regular. The regular cubes are square shaped and great for stacking in a regular suitcase while the slim ones are slender and can be placed alongside each other as I do (shown above).

I originally ordered both the regular eBags packing cubes set in assorted sizes and also the 3 piece slim set in non-assorted sizes because it was difficult to gauge how big they were from the images. When I received both sets, I was surprised at how large and wide the regular size cubes were and how small the slim set was in comparison.



eBags Regular Size Assorted Set


A bit skeptical at first, I tested both and it turned out that the regular cubes are actually pretty big and very generous. Too large in fact for my needs. They’re more appropriate for a suitcase due to their size and shape.



eBags Slim Size Set


Because I travel carry-on only and due to the measurements of my bag; the slim size fit my Osprey Farpoint backpack like a glove.

Because I am on the road full time, as a long term traveler I pack using the Maximista Packing List which I show you in the above packing video. I counted the amount of clothing I can squeeze into each packing cube and it varies from 4 large pieces like denim/leather to 10+ thin items like tops.





You’d think the way I stuff these cubes they’d rip but they’re also made of extremely durable material with sturdy zippers which is essential for a long lasting product. I’ve even thrown them in the washing machine on several occasions and they’re still going strong almost 2 years later.








In addition to using these packing cubes for every day travels, I use them when I go trekking to places like Machu Picchu and can only carry a day pack.

I also use them to hold useful items like sleeping liners, scarves, socks, travel pillow, and clothing layers when I have long transportation journeys or long flights and want to have easy access to my comfort items. Using one cube with the clothing I need acts as an ideal travel organizer and helps everything fit neatly in a small bag.

When I’m stationary for a few months in LA or the UK, I still use the packing cubes to hold my clothes to make up for the lack of drawer space I have in my living quarters so I find them useful all the time. I’m actually planning to buy the regular size set in Large to permanently organize the clothing that I have in my storage for easy access when I’m in town.





Whether you’re a backpacker, leisure or business traveler everyone can benefit from using packing cubes. I’ve been told that families find these extremely helpful and have been able to pack just two carry-on suitcases for a family of 4!

Use these packing cubes along with my international packing lists and you’re on your way to becoming a packing expert!






I bought my 3 Piece Slim Packing Cubes on because I like that they offer free shipping which allowed me to return them if they didn’t fit in my bag (but they did)! As a bonus, eBags is also linked to my Airline Alliance and I was able to earn a bunch of air miles with my order so I also ordered my Farpoint Osprey backpack here too instead of REI which offered less miles. I love hacking airline miles!

Buy the 3 piece eBags slim packing cube set here and 3 piece eBags regular size assorted packing cube set here. Shop for travel gear on




For more tips on travel gear, please read:



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*eBags did not sponsor this post or provide me with free items (although they really should have). I really do use these and absolutely love them and you will too especially if you want to pack more in less space.


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93 Responses to Packing Cubes Video Tutorial: Learn How to Pack Light!

  1. April Cleveland says:

    Hi! New to your site, but I’ve already spent countless hours scouring it! Curious about the brand of the tunic you feature in this video.

    • alex says:

      Hi April, thanks! Glad you like it :-) The tunic was from Marshalls and I don’t know the brand unfortunately. I’ve since then replaced it with one from H&M or ones I find while traveling.

  2. Jenn says:

    Where did you get that white tunic? I love it!

  3. Sophie says:

    I’me going to Japan in a few weeks and you had just convinced me to get packing cubes. The ebag´s slim in eggplant would have been just perfect. But they do’nt ship to Canada! How sad, you are just a few miles away… I’me super disapointed. Do you now of a we site that those hold them and ship to Canada?


  4. irma says:

    Im going on a GET in April so we will be going to a different hotel every other night and sometimes just staying one night. Any advice on howbto pack dirty laundry back in mybluggage?

  5. Joy Drennan says:

    Thanks for the video, learned quite a bit. I do wonder, however, how wrinkled are your clothes? How od you deal with wrinkles and the need to look presentable.


  6. Nga says:

    Hi, just found your website and love it already. I take 1-2 trips per month and because they are short and we still have 20 KG per flight (I live in Asia), I have never thought to save space but will be reading through your stuff to see what you recommend for travelling AND looking good :-). I do a lot of training courses too where people are looking at you, including your apparel and shoes. THANKS!

  7. Samm says:

    I was thinking of getting space bags for my upcoming trip to China. (I’m going to study for 2 years). After seeing this I’m wondering if these re a better choice. Do ou have any advice?

  8. Tamiko says:

    These packing cubes are totally an innovative packing solution with outstanding design, style, and function.

  9. Jeannie says:

    I’ve never even considered packing cubes before, but you’ve got me convinced!

    Have you ever considered a packing list for guys? I plan to start traveling with my two sons and a minimalist packing list for guys would be so helpful! Thanks!

  10. Catherine says:

    Love it! THis makes packing look so easy!

  11. Catherine says:

    I love this- I can’t believe how easy that looks!

  12. Kayla says:

    These look awesome and would definitely be helpful on my upcoming trip to Australia. I am using tips from your blog to help me pack light and efficiently! 5 months in one 50 lb. checked bag and 1 carryon seem much more realistic after finding your site.

  13. nano says:

    I Love It! I haven’t used these before, but I bet you could also pre-plan a few outfits and organize them per cube. I’ve been on trips where we stay a different place each night, and anything that saves unpacking your entire bag to find that shirt you want to wear seems great!

  14. Alexandra says:

    Thought i would share my budget tip…I use tollietre bags from Ross as packing cubes. Works perfectly and you can find them sometimes for $3 a piece ;)

  15. Gloria says:

    I definitely need these for my next travels!!

  16. Kassie Harris says:

    These are really awesome. I have an obsession with being organized and I think I need to order some of these!

  17. Lauren says:

    I am definitely going to invest in these! I’d love to start going carry-on only when visiting my Grandparents in FL. That would cut out a lot of the time and worry when taking more than one airline to get down there.
    Plus it’ll be great for backpacking too! My bag is 70L so I have lots of space, but these will help for oganization. Thanks! :]

  18. Megan H. says:

    Looking forward to using these for my two week trip to Europe this fall. A girls trip next month is giving me a chance to try them out for the first time!

  19. Kelly says:

    You are like a packing ninja!! I have packing cubes and was never able to really get the hang of them. This was helpful.

  20. Danielle says:

    Going to Brazil in a few weeks for a ten day trip for work. I need a variety of clothes, but I really can’t justify bringing a huge suitcase. This COMPLETELY solves my problem!! So cool!!

  21. Danielle L says:

    This is a video that is much needed! I bought new packing cubes in December and had to “DIY” since I couldn’t find any great tips on how to pack using them. I love your strategy of choosing items carefully and also zipping it up as you go to stuff it to its capacity. :) Thanks!

  22. Carrie Linerode says:

    Thanks for the videos. I have the packing cubes and use them all of the time.

  23. Mary (@mware_3) says:

    I bought the slim packing cubes and absolutely love how easy it is to “compartmentalize”my stuff! I go carryon only and these help so much!

  24. erika brown says:

    i’m the type of person that is “frugal” and didn’t really want to spend money on these things. but i put them on my wedding registry last october and I LOVE THESE THINGS!!! i don’t get how they work, but they totally save space! i normally don’t roll my clothes, i just lay them flat and it also seems to keep my clothes from wrinkling?? they’re amazing! i especially love them for my husband cause men’s clothing is SO bulky!

    • alex says:

      I’m not big on frivolous spending myself but these guys are a worthwhile investment at just $20 if you love to travel and pack light! Glad you found them as helpful as I have :-)

  25. How do they compare to your run-of-the-mill stuff sacks? Any distinct advantages?

  26. Rose says:

    I immediately went to to purchase these after watching this video. They’ll be perfect for my Europe backpacking trip this summer!

  27. Rebecca says:

    I’m going to need to order a set of these, they’ll be perfect for separating out my 2 little one’s clothes in my suitcase!

  28. Kara says:

    I use Eagle Creek half cubes for packing (they’re a slightly larger volume than your slim ebags), but I have never tried to pack them as seriously as you do! I just repacked the clothes I’m taking on my SEA trip using your stuffing method and managed to fit in one half cube: 1 pair of athletic shorts, 1 pair of leggings, 2 long sleeved shirts, 1 long sleeved tunic, 1 short sleeved thin cardigan, 3 t-shirts, and 2 tank tops. In the second one: a reversible long skirt, a convertible dress/skirt, 1 pair pants, 1 pair capris, and my go to long sleeved thermal shirt, with room to spare! Thanks for the tutorial!

  29. Keeley says:

    I’m using these for my trip to the Czech Republic…and all of the trips after!

  30. Amanda says:

    We bought this on our first trip to Europe 3 years ago. I have been traveling with them ever since, and recommend them to everyone I know that travels! They help keep you organized!

  31. Janice says:

    Bought the mini ebags a few weeks ago and am using it for the first time this weekend. In one mini ebag I put 3 tops, 1 pair of jeggings, 1 scarf, 1 dress, 1 belt, and enough undies to last me the whole weekend! The ebag is really a lot bigger than it appears!

  32. Cecilie says:

    I’m going backpacking for the first time this summer in China and I am so happy I found TFG packing lists! I’m using compression bags for this trip but I might have to try the packing cubes another time!

  33. Kristin Tousignant` says:

    love this but I so over pack and always have – going to Europe for 15 days

  34. Briana says:

    Very helpful! I will definitely be referring back to this when I start packing for my trip to Thailand and Cambodia! :)

  35. OK, so I have totally been thinking about packing cubes a lot lately, esp. with the kids traveling with us now and me having to haul their stuff in my suitcase. The cubes would make it SO much easier to live out of a suitcase again in Europe for a few weeks ;-)

    • alex says:

      yes it is super easy and convenient! I packed an entire Maximista packing list into 3 slim ones. they have free returns so you can try before you commit ;-)

  36. Jenn Price says:

    Amazing! I have looked at other packing cubes before but these look much better quality. Thanks for showing how much they hold!

  37. Nikki Don says:

    I wish I had these when I went to Asia last year!

  38. Olivia says:

    I just bought some for my 4-week trip to Greece!

  39. Gloriana says:

    Because of this tutorial I will try the slim packing cubes! Bought them a few days ago in red :) Can’t wait to use them this summer!

  40. Annelise says:

    The bags are great! I’ve had two for a few years now and can’t wait to get more for my next trip!

  41. Courtney says:

    I bought a set of small and medium packing cubes. They’re awesome. I’m still working on getting the most out of them, but I was proud to pack for a bachelorette weekend to New Orleans using only two medium cubes! That’s HUGE for me!!!!

  42. Erin says:

    Thanks to your video, I was convinced to buy some for my first backpacking trip to Italy in a couple of weeks!

  43. Erin says:

    Thanks so much for this video! You have convinced me to get some bags for my first backpacking trip to Italy in a couple of weeks!

  44. Dianne says:

    The ebags packing cubes are excellent and come in several sizes and many lively colors. That brand’s “padded pouches” are another great choice for jewelry or odds & ends. The other best brand for packing cubes would be Eagle Creek, for super lightweight travel the EC “Specter” cubes are good.

  45. Angela says:

    Your video convinced me and my husband, and we just ordered two sets. Thanks for the heads up; I can’t wait to try these!

  46. Tiera says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only packing dork who loves videos like this, lol! And packing cubes are most definitely the first thing on my travel wishlist. I usually try to organize and save space by rolling items and using Ziploc bags, but they’re just not durable enough.

  47. Monica says:

    Highly recommend to any traveler! I have the regular size assorted 3 set and it completely changed my travel world. These are a must have!

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