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As I write my upcoming Packing eBook for Europe, I’m inspired by my recent trip to Paris and want to share these as my top summer dresses for a trip abroad!





All dresses from left to right; top to bottom:

Red Print; Black/White Print; Maxi Sleeveless Shirt; Vertical Grey/White StripesOlive Green; Light Blue; Grey Maxi


All the dresses shown are from Nordstrom which offers stylish items at a price range to suit all budgets. They also carry a wide selection of brands and sizes making them more appealing to a broader range of female travelers.

Because last week’s trip is on my mind, these are all airy lightweight summer dresses I’d love to pack for a trip to Paris this season. 7 dresses = 7 days easy travel outfits!

Dresses are also an easy packing solution for summer travel. By packing 7 summer dresses like the ones featured you have 7 unique travel outfits that transition from day to night. All you need is a touch up of makeup and a blazer and you’re Parisian chic!

Pair any of the above summer dresses with classic leather sandals like these below or even classic Superga style sneakers – all similar styles to the ones I saw in Paris and Rome last week. Items shown feature brands known for comfort.


For wallet friendly summer dress shopping, check out Nordstrom Rack. They also carry plus-size clothing too!



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