What to Wear in Ireland: Packing List ideas for Dublin

What to Wear in Ireland: Packing List ideas for Dublin

Are you wondering what to wear in Ireland? Use these packing list ideas for Dublin as a starting point for your trip!


What to Wear in Ireland: Dublin

Written by: Cailyn Cox


For this edition of Locals Approved Packing Lists, I received help from Ashlea, a 22-year-old actress and model who has lived in Dublin for the last two years. An outgoing and vivacious person, she has a zest for life and Starbucks soy milk hot chocolate.




When considering what to pack when visiting Dublin, remember that the city is very trendy, combining formal and casual wear.

The most important thing is to always look presentable and avoid anything too revealing, like crop tops or short shorts. You will be cold and look inappropriate.


 photo Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.44.49 AM_zpsuzbupxne.png

Waterproof Jacket


Here are a few outfit ideas to help you plan what to pack for Ireland!




When planning what to wear in Ireland, remember that it is a country known for its four-seasons-in-one-day weatherUnpredictable would be a good word to describe it.

You will need a travel umbrella and waterproof gear like a parka, sensible walking shoes, and waterproof boots.


what-to-wear-in-irelandRaincoat / Travel Guide / Compact Umbrella / Rebecca Minkoff Backpack




Generally speaking, you’ll probably need some type of boot year round. Choose a calf-tall height for the winter and ankle boots the rest of the time. If there’s heavy rain in the forecast, a rubber bootie might be needed for extensive city exploration on foot. However, regular leather boots (or faux leather boots) will work just fine.



 Tan Suede Waterproof / Jeffrey Campbell Rain Booties / Winter Tall Boots


Read this post for the best women’s waterproof leather boots!




When visiting Dublin, don’t forget about its many shopping malls and popular shopping areas, including Grafton Street and St Stephen’s Green.

If you are looking for a shop that will meet all your clothing needs at a reasonable price, then head to Penney’s. They tend to keep up with the latest trends and stock just about everything.

Another fantastic and affordable shop is Bershka, which tends to be stylish for young adults.


What to Wear in Ireland: Dublin in Spring



1. Pocket Tee 2. Tank Top 3. Chiffon Blouse 4. Cardigan 5. Sweater 6. Casual Dress 7. Swing Dress 8. Floral Mini Skirt 9. Skinny Jeans 10. Low Rise Skinny Jeans 11. Coat 12. Denim Jacket 13. Ballet Flats 14. Ankle Boots 15. Backpack 16. Scarf




Ashlea says: You can expect mild temperatures with occasional rain showers, wind, and spells of sunshine. The days grow longer during the spring months, and further into the country you will see green landscapes, yellow tulips, and countless spring lambs.


Packing List: 

Spring in Dublin is cool, so you will need a good pair of jeans in a dark shade–black is always a favorite. You can team your jeans with comfortable and flat walking shoes, like a pair of ballet travel flats or even Converse-style shoes in black or navy.

However, you should still be prepared for wet weather, so bring a pair of waterproof flat boots or ankle booties. Don’t forget your waterproof gear, whether a jacket or a strong but small fold-up umbrella.

Read these tips on what to wear on a rainy day when traveling!

Layering is essential. Sweaters, jackets, and tees are perfect. Try to stick to neutrals or pastel colors.

Your final splash of color can come from a simple crossbody bag and scarves. Cashmere or silk scarves are perfect for the spring weather and look elegant, instantly enhancing a look.

We love these cross body purses for travel, especially when it comes to avoiding theft.


What to Wear in Ireland: Dublin in Summer



1.  Tank Top 2. Striped Tank Top 3. Pocket Tee 4. T Shirt 5. Cardigan 6. Flare Dress 7. Swing Dress 8. Silk Maxi Skirt 9. Low Rise Skinny Jeans 10. Linen Short 11. Cape Poncho 12. Denim Jacket 13. Ankle Boots 14. Flat Sandals 15. Backpack 16. Scarf




Ashlea says: The summer days grow longer and you can expect more daylight and beautiful late crimson sunsets with moderate to warm temperatures. Summer is a much drier season and everyone seems happier; however, you can still expect rain and wind, so be prepared.

Read this post for more tips on packing for Ireland in Summer!


Packing List:


Check the weather forecast before you leave home!

Bring your umbrella and hoodies as they are not as heavy duty as winter gear, but will protect you from the chill. Pack a cardigan that you can wear with your summer dress, maxi dress, maxi skirt, and shorts.

Stockings or tights are always a great option to wear underneath dresses or shorts for warm layers. Always pack a pair of jeans; they’re comfortable and durable and will keep you warm.

Find out the easy packing solution to transform summer clothes into an autumn outfit!

Summer is all about the celebration of color, but avoid colors like neon. Opt for pastels or rich, deep shades like burnt orange and burgundy.

A scarf will add warmth and a subtle hint of color to any outfit. You can also bring a blazer on your travels. Opt for black; you can team it with any look, adding a touch of sophistication when worn with jeans.

Lastly: shoes. Bring ballet flats and another pair of closed toe shoes like brogues or ankle booties to protect you from the elements and colder days. A third pair of shoes should be walking shoes of your preference, such as Toms, Converse, or another supportive pair.

 These ankle booties are a versatile, stylish option when visiting several countries in Europe.


What to Wear in Ireland: Dublin in Autumn



1. Pocket Tee 2. Tank Top 3. Flannel Shirt 4. Silk Chiffon Blouse 5. Cardigan 6. Sweater  7. Swing Dress 8. Knitted Dress 9. Skinny Jeans 10. Low Rise Skinny Jeans 11. Coat 12. Down Jacket 13. Scarf 14. Backpack 15. Ankle Boots 16. Tall Boot




Ashlea says: Autumn has very strong winds and frequent rain, with a visible drop in temperature.


Packing List:

For autumn, you want to ensure you keep warm and dry. Bring a warm jacket to protect you from the wind chill and a trench coat for added warmth.

Layering is once again needed for the colder weather, so add warm wool jerseys, long sleeve tops, and simple plain tees to your look. You can dress these with dark skinny jeans and tailored trousers in darker colors.

Need a waterproof jacket? We love these travel raincoats for women!

Ankle booties, or warmer, calf length boots are also a great look for the autumn; opt for boots in leather or a faux leather material to ensure that your feet are kept dry and protected from the elements.

What look is complete without accessories? Accessorize with bright scarves in patterns and shades that best suit your personality and make you feel most comfortable.

Find out how to stay warm in cold weather!


What to Wear in Ireland: Dublin in Winter


1. Tunic Shirt 2. Thermal Top 3. Cardigan 4. Tank Top 5. Sweater 6. Knitted Dress 7. Plaid Shirtdress 8. Crepe Mini Skirt 9. Leggings 10. Skinny Jeans 11. Winter Jacket 12. Hooded Pea Coat 13. Scarf 14. Backpack 15. Ankle Boots 16. Tall Boot



Ashlea says: You can expect cold temperatures on your winter vacation, with shorter days and heavy rainfall accompanied by strong winds and possible snowfall.

Learn how to pack for cold weather!


Packing List:

Tall or mid-calf boots should be your winter pick; opt for a pair that has a warm inner lining and are water-resistant on the outside to protect you from the cold and wet weather.

Don’t forget a warm hat, like a beanie or ear muffs, and a thick scarf and gloves. All of these items will act as insulators and can correspondingly be used as accessories to your wardrobe. Choose them in shades and styles of your preference.

Find out why thicker clothing isn’t always better for cold weather layering!

Jeans and thick trousers in dark shades will act as your neutral pieces, which you can then wear with long sleeve tops, hoodies, and a warm winter coat. Layering is key! Lastly, bring a waterproof jacket and a heavy duty umbrella.

Thermal underlayers are highly suggested underneath all clothing, like a polyester/merino wool top and bottoms. They don’t get smelly easily or need to be washed often. In fact, if you get cold easily or aren’t used to cold weather, you can pack merino wool or silk underlayers year-round, unless the weather forecast states otherwise.

Thermals are the secret to packing light in winter. Here are our top picks!




Ireland is one of the most beautiful places to visit. When visiting Dublin, you’ll find a vibrant, cultural hub filled with history. You’ll be surrounded by longstanding architecture and museums, which include the Writers Museum and the Viking museum, to name but a few.

The Irish people, regardless of the weather, are perhaps some of the friendliest and most genuine you will ever meet. They will be more than happy to help should you need directions or anything else.

The hop-on-and-off bus is a great way to explore the city; the driver’s commentary is amusing and animated. The tour is in English, but there is the option to listen on headphones in a variety of other languages, if you prefer.

Looking for authenticity? There are countless historic pubs in the city such as Temple Bar and Johnnie Foxes; both are worth a visit. Don’t forget the famous Guinness Storehouse and the Jameson Brewery.

For accommodation, we recommend Airbnb in Ireland and Europe.

There is so much cultural diversity within Dublin that it is certain you will find something to suit your taste preferences during your vacation. Regardless of the erratic weather, the general ambiance is grand (a word you will hear often). You will have an amazing time!


What are your tips on what to wear in Ireland?

Please note: Most of Europe’s budget airlines have this carryon bag allowance: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Always check your airlines individual baggage rules and regulations in advance.

For more tips, please read these Europe packing lists:

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Please read our Ultimate Packing List for Europe featuring tips for trips to multiple countries.






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We hope this packing list helps you plan what to wear in Ireland when visiting Dublin. Don’t forget to share the love on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thank you, you’re a life saver!

    • Thanks for reading Adeline!

  2. The what to wear in Autumn examples have been so helpful for my upcoming trip in October. I would never have thought of a flannel shirt but they are much more stylish than a few years ago.

    • Glad you found them useful :)

  3. Thanks for this! I’m heading to Dublin this summer for the first time!

    • You’re welcome Abigail! That sounds so exciting :) Have a great time!

  4. This is the most helpful post I have come across for my trip to Ireland! I’m going this June and I’m still trying to figure out if I could bring a (faux) leather jacket in place of a raincoat. Any advice?

    • Thanks Vivi! You could definitely bring your faux leather jacket but not sure if it could replace the raincoat completely. It all depends on your activities (will you be outdoors, in the countryside, in the city, etc). Make sure to check the weather http://www.bbc.com/weather/ before you travel. Have a great trip!

  5. Hi Alex! I’m studying abroad in Ireland from mid-June to the end of July; I’ll be traveling to Cork, Doolin, Galway, and Dublin. Since I’ll be gone for about five weeks, what do you suggest I pack? We’re allowed to bring a regular-sized suitcase and a carry-on. Also, we will be hiking a few times. Would Hunter ankle boots be appropriate to bring? Thanks!

    • Hi Claire :) This sounds like a really exciting trip! Have you taken a look at our 10 step packing guide for studying abroad? http://bit.ly/24kjiOT
      Ensure your footwear is comfortable! Also check out the guide on the best shoes for walking http://bit.ly/1rOuabK

  6. This is amazing!!! Heading to Ireland in June.

    • Thank you! Have a great trip!

  7. I was trying to find the hooded rain jacket that you have listed in the Dublin winter packing list. The link doesn’t look anything like the picture

    • Hi Witt, items get sold out so we try to replace them with similar items whenever possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  8. Hi i would like to check if i go for a trip to dublin on dec 2015. Is there cold? And will it snow?

  9. Thanks so much, excellent post! My guy and I are planning on a trip to Ireland in the spring so this is greatly appreciated. I absolutely HATE going somewhere new and looking out of place in a touristy way. Thanks again! :)

    • One of the readers sent me a picture from her trip to Ireland and she flew with one carry-on and handbag while her guy had a bag twice the size. Hope this list helps you as much as her. Dress warmly!

  10. This was the best help yet, I leave for Dublin next week and have been nuts about what to pack!

    • Great, glad to help!

  11. I found the mention of avoiding tracksuits funny because the majority of young men in Dublin (and around Ireland) wear trackpants. It was so common, that my college-aged cousin commented on it.

    • great, thanks for the tip!

    • Yeah that is so true! I studied abroad in dublin so I was there for some time, and I can’t say I was impressed with the amount of tracksuit pants and the like – especially from the guys! People there also have a curious fixation on abercrombie and fitch and hollister. So if you want to look like a local, wear a hoodie with either brand written as boldly as possible and you’ll fit right in hehe!
      Of course there still are many people dressed fashionably, or at least in jeans as well! The girls are generally pretty fashionable. When people go out and things they get pretty dressed up and everything though. Still would not exactly call it a fashion oriented city in comparison to many others though…

      • Great, thanks for pointing that out! :)

    • I really don’t know what a trackstuit is or track shoes. Do you mean tennis shoes and sweats?
      When I think of a tracksuit, I think of the slick 90s pants. Do they still wear those?

      • Track suits are probably what you’re thinking about and track shoes are trainers :-) I’ve gone ahead and edited these terms so it’s not so confusing. Thanks!


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