Planning a trip to the Big Apple? New Yorkers stick to a chic, sophisticated style that can take them from day to night. Follow their lead on what to wear in New York City throughout the year!


What to Wear in New York City

Written by: Renée Olson


New York City: the Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps! New York is a hot destination for travelers all over the world and a city we all love. There’s great food, cool new spots around every corner, and so much to see and do no matter what you’re interested in.

This is one of the most versatile metropolises in the world, so naturally, potential activity combinations on a given day are limitless; you could cycle across the Williamsburg bridge, captain a boat in Central Park, pose with taxidermy elks in the Natural History Museum, and go hoarse at Mamma Mia on Broadway–then there’s the coffees, cocktails, brunches, diners, and all the other urban wonderland clichés that make New York New York.


What to Wear in New York: Essentials







Flats I Sneakers


Comfort should be a top priority when it comes to footwear. The average New Yorker walks anywhere from 2 to 5 miles daily, and if you’re doing your job as a tourist dutifully, you’ll be hitting twice that. Keeping your feet happy is essential!

Of course, it can be tempting to prepare for the glamor of Manhattan panoramic nightlife with 7-inch heels, but always have an alternative, flat(ter) option at hand.

Choose classic boots with a sliver heel, flats with a great shape, or sophisticated sandals. Skip brand new shoes or shoes that are too tight, uncomfortable, or have been known to give blisters.




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Since you’ll be out and about all day long, you’ll need a great bag that can take you from Brooklyn to Uptown and back again. They key is choosing a bag with great structure and style, not necessarily an expensive price tag.

Neutral colors work great, especially black, which won’t show dirt as easily. This can be a leather tote or even a chic backpack, just make sure it matches your outfits and has plenty of room.

TFG loves the above backpack by Rebecca Minkoff!


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You may not have time to go back to your hotel to change, but that’s ok–New Yorkers head straight to happy hour from the office, so follow their lead.

Stash a statement necklace or earrings in your bag so you can be ready for dinner in a flash. Add a bold lip on your way to the restaurant for instant glam. When your outfits are simple and stylish, you’ll be ready for anything.




Polarized I Aviator


The darker the better! These are possibly the most crucial thing you could bring to NY in the summer.

Even if rooftop lounging and skyline lamenting are not activities that appeal to you, you will at some stage take your cynical self from a subway station to your destination. These commutes can be 20 minutes of walking in blinding brightness.


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What to Wear in New York: Spring


Jacket I Blouse I Jeans I Necklace I Watch I Sunglasses I Bag I Shoes


A lightweight jacket will save the day in spring when temperatures can be uncertain. Choose structured dresses and tops to celebrate winter’s end. Open-toed wedges are comfortable for walking and will instantly add polish to any outfit.


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What to Wear in New York: Summer


Sunglasses I Top I Shorts I Belt I Lip Balm I Earrings I Hat I Bag I Sandals


Many New Yorkers escape to the beach in the summer, leaving the city extremely laid back. The temperature spikes in July with an average of 76°F / 25°C, but this can fluctuate and decrease at night, so you’ll need to be prepared if you’re out all day. That said, it can get very hot and humid in the city in the summer, and sometimes it stays hot into the night.

On top, think cropped camis, deep V halters, and blouses. Pair them with equally cool and comfy maxi skirts, culottes, and light denims. Playsuits and jumpsuits can be great, but avoid tight body cons of any design, as it’s icky to get sticky when you’re on the go for hours.

Easy denim with gorgeous sandals and a breezy top will be your uniform. Add dresses or skirts to the mix to keep cool.


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Mid-summer Manhattanites are AC-crazy. This is the case for pretty much everywhere indoors, but is particularly pertinent when you’re spending the day in and out of multiple freezing shops.

A light outer layer is essential; I opt for thin trench coats as they are equally cost/heat/trend effective, but a crew neck sweater or hoodie will do the job.


What to Wear in New York: Fall


Jacket I T-shirt I Jeans I Lipstick I Scarf I Bag I Hat I Boots


Fall fashion is a favorite in New York. Chic booties, dark denim, and a blanket scarf or cape will keep you warm. Pair dresses with tights for mild weather. Add other accessories like a wide brim hat or leather jacket for added interest.


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What to Wear in New York: Winter


Coat I Sweater I Scarf I Jeans I Bag I Thermal I Gloves I Beanie I Boots


Baby, it’s cold outside! Walking from place to place can be brutal. Choose a neutral colored coat in a classic silhouette. A trench coat with a cinched waist will pair well with anything.

A scarf, gloves, and knit hat will keep you warm and accessorized. Dress in layers using wool, chunky knits, and even tights under jeans on a particularly chilly day. We love these thermals to help us stay warm no matter what!


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New York City is one of the world’s fashion capitals! If you’re ever in doubt, stick to the classics. You’ll be fashionable and beautiful in any season.

What are your style tips on what to wear in New York?

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